There is an app for everything nowadays, let it be cooking, cleaning, organising or even concentration. With the increased use of mobile phones, the demand for apps has also increased. But in today's fast-paced world, people put convenience above all. There are a lot of mobile apps out there that are designed to make life easier but only a few gain popularity. Think about it. Something that is designed to make life easier should be easy to use right? This is where single hand usage apps shine. People don’t have a lot of time to spend on properly navigating an app. Mobile application development companies in Dubai can help you to create the most user-friendly apps that users will love.

People hold their phones in one hand and most of them use them with one hand only. Therefore, a single-hand usage facility is necessary for mobile apps nowadays. Given below are 5 steps to design mobile apps for single-hand usage.

Do a market research
Doing a market study can take you a long way when designing a mobile application. Research can be done to identify the various problems faced by users when using an app. The user experience should be great if an app is to take off. If users raise any complaint, it should be fixed immediately so that you don’t lose out on customers. Do thorough market research on various apps and identify the difficulties faced by users on each of these. You can get a lot of great ideas on how to build your app based on just this information. A mobile app service in Dubai can help you refine your research and get what you want.

Keep in mind the size of the phone
Mobile phones come in different sizes. Sizes can vary from 3.5 inches to 7.60 inches. The bigger the phone, the more difficult it is to use with just one hand. When designing an app, keep in mind the different screen sizes and how comfortable people will be using your apps on their phones. Smaller screens though easier for one-hand use are difficult for typing or inputting other information. Alternately reaching everywhere on a large screen is difficult too. Keep in mind these opposing problems while coming up with easy solutions to make your app stand out.

Design app navigation
Easy navigation is essential for an app. Most users get to know an app by browsing through it using the links provided. Most won’t use the search feature initially. It’s important to make sure that the different buttons provided are easily understood and accessible. Customers should also be able to easily navigate between pages.

Make sure that the home screen is not too cluttered with too much information and navigation buttons. Users like to experience the different menus and links provided. Design it so that navigation is easy.

Some features you can incorporate to make apps single hand user friendly is the personalisation of tab bar according to each customer’s use, using hand gestures for more smooth navigation and using flyout menus instead of full-page menus.

It is important to keep in mind the operating systems used by phones. Android and iOS have fixed navigation patterns that are completely opposite to each other. If you are creating an app for android phones only, professionals in android app development in Dubai would be the ones to clearly guide you. If iOS apps are also developed, choose a suitable company to approach. They can guide you throughout the development of the app.

Design one-hand gestures for various functions on the app
Based on what the service offered by your app is, design one hand gestures for all key actions in your app. The icon for the key action must easily catch the eye of the user. It should be highlighted and kept in a zone that is accessible by one finger. For example, in messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, the send icon is highlighted and kept in a place that is easily accessible by the thumb. Similarly, highlight all actions that are key in your app so that users can quickly find them. This is applicable for all kinds of apps including social media, gaming apps, lifestyle apps, finance apps and more. Your goal should be to make sure that each of the important icons you have placed is easily reached.

User input controls should be easy to use and positioned effectively
It is common knowledge that while using a mobile phone with one hand, it is easier to reach the bottom of the screen than the top. Anything that the user has to fill up like forms or other data should be conveniently placed near the bottom. You can also ask customers if they would like to use the autofill option for passwords and other data to make their jobs easier. Depending on the screen size, these controls should be made easier keeping in mind that typing on a small screen can be very difficult. You can also break up data to be input into different pages for better organisation.

There are some functions that are mutually exclusive to iPhones and Android phones. These can be incorporated into your app to make the experience less daunting for new users. IOS app development in Dubai would be the best pick if you are making apps for iPhones only. Otherwise, an android app development company in UAE can help you to incorporate those entire features exclusive to android phones in your app.

Apps have been an integral part of a mobile user’s life for some time now. There are more than 2.56 million apps available for download now. Among all of those, your app has to stand out. Ease of usage is a major factor that can contribute to your app’s popularity. Creating single hand user apps can be difficult. Approach a leading mobile app development company in UAE to build an app that is user-friendly and usable with a single hand and see where it takes you. Something as basic as a single hand usage feature is something that a lot of people overlook. But it is one of the major features that will lead to the success of an app.

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