From mid-late 2000, the photo booth started gaining popularity when innovation and technology transformed it into a portable fast printing machine from a bulky and slow chemical printing lab. With the increase in demand, the features and innovation have also improved. And this is why the demand is still increasing at a steady pace and many people are also opting for a business of photo booth hire in Australia. If you have an upcoming event, you should consider hiring a photo booth to make your event stand out. Scroll down and take a look at the reasons why it’s a must-have cool addition for your next event.

photobooth hire australia


  • Retain memories


The latest photo booths can not just take pictures, but they also print them in the form of photo strips. This is for the guests to keep and you can also put up some on your photo album. This means that in the future, you can transport back to this time using those preserved photo memories.


  • Entertain guests


Irrespective of the event whether it be a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, etc. the one thing that the guests and event planner agree on is keeping the guests entertained. This is considered a vital factor of a successful event. In this case, a photobooth comes into play. It offers the perfect setting to take fun pictures, especially in an enclosed photo booth. Furthermore, props and alcohol boost the fun factor and this keeps guests returning more and more.


  • New design and innovation


Each year an updated photo booth style or some innovative software features get launched and this implies that you can find something new to experience all the time. So, you shouldn’t think that you are copying from any other photo booth events. All you need to do is to choose a photo booth that is unique.


  • The best Bomboniere


A Bomboniere, which is also termed as “favour” is a fancy word for a present provided by the event host to their guests. This is very much common in religious ceremonies and weddings but the idea of offering a present at all types of new events is getting popular day by day.

With a photo booth in Sydney, guests can take hard copy pictures in the form of a strip. They can place them up on the refrigerator, a wall or a corkboard, or even a photo album.


  • They can Babysit too


Photo booths in Sydney are excellent babysitters and this is one of its main advantages. Kids are always eager to play with it, and this implies that guests with children can enjoy the event as well. The parents don’t need to put up with their children since they will all be playing around the booth. This finally enables the adults to enjoy the photo booth as well.

These are the 5 reasons you should hire a photobooth for your next event. If you find this piece of content useful, share it with your friends, and get back to us for more exciting posts!

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The author is an owner of a photo booth hire business in Australia, and is an active blogger.