When someone buys a domain name, the registrar is required by ICANN in order to enter your contact information. This information may include your name, physical address, email address, and phone number that is saved in its WHOIS database. This database is a searchable directory in domain name registration that is capable of holding the contact information on all of its domain name registrants. This personal information is available for free to any public member who plans to check out domain names that are included in the registrar's online WHOIS database.

Let us consider private Malaysia domain registration which is responsible for your protection against the potential dangers relevant to the WHOIS database. In the same manner, you might protect your privacy by simply keeping your number out of telephone listings. You can also opt for private domain name registration in order to keep your contact information out of the stranger’s hands.

When you plan to go for private Malaysia domain registration for your domain name, the registrar will replace your contact information in the WHOIS database with its own. Private domain name registration is said to be an add-on service; means it will carry an additional fee that will be separate from your actual domain registration.

However, as major threats to online security keeps on evolving, there are countless reasons that states; why you need to pay if you want to have private domain registration? Have a look below:

Protect your privacy:

Identity theft is not limited or just happening in the movies anymore. When your personal information is easily available in the WHOIS database, the privacy risk level escalates to a great extent. Private Malaysia domain registration can alleviate the major concerns by ensuring that anyone who has planned to check out domain names for any type of nefarious purposes will be able to find only the name of your proxy service, nothing else.

Stay in control:

In the situation where private domain name registration keeps your personal information out of the WHOIS database, one can seamlessly plan, what information he wishes to make public via his business website. It is important that you provide information that is safe to use.

Disguised Email:

When you go with private Malaysia domain registration, the domain name registrar must provide a unique email address. This email address should be constantly changing in the WHOIS database (every 10 days). The email which is sent to this address should be filtered for spam and it should be redirected to the private email account as per your choice.

Stay in Budget:

Although it is very difficult to put a price on peace of mind, it is very safe to assume that it would be higher as compared to the typical $5-$9 price range which is generally associated with private Malaysia domain registration.

Keeping the above-mentioned reasons in mind, if you have any type of concerns relevant to the misuse of the WHOIS database, you can consider using private domain name registration. In this manner, you would be able to control your personal information and keep it safe.

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