Most network marketers have been in multiple companies, but it is rare that they join the same company twice. Here are 5 reasons why I rejoined Tahitian Noni International.
1.Customer Service- When I was on the phone placing my order with Tahitian Noni the other day, I discovered a newly found appreciation for customer service.
I always knew Tahitian Noni had good customer service, but after sending my customer service issues through email, or leaving a message on a voicemail, it felt good to know that someone was going to actually pick up the phone on the other end.
It was also great to talk to a customer service representative who genuinely showed an interest in providing a solution to my issues, instead of a rep who made me feel guilty for calling, because they had an attitude on the phone, and made it seem like I was getting on her nerves by calling.
2. Easy to Get Your Money- Most companies boast about how great their compensation plan may be, but when it comes to actually getting your money, it is another story.
I remember how aggravating it felt to get charged an ATM fee just to withdraw my money. I now appreciate how it feels, not to only get paid every week, but also to have my paycheck deposited directly into my bank account every week.
Also, most of these companies who brag about their super-fantastic compensation plans, have an initial start-up investment of $300 or more. I wonder if the distributors of those companies even realize that the fast money in their compensation plan, come from other distributors who made a financial sacrifice to get started with a company that is supposed to help them achieve their monetary goals.
If this was not an issue, then these companies would not have to regularly run specials where people can join the opportunity for half price. Is it because they feel guilty for charging distributors too much in the first place?
3. Easy to Get a Positive Cash Flow- There are four bottles of Tahitian Noni Juice in one case. If you keep one for yourself, and then sell the other three, you will have a profitable business.
I know some distributors of service-based companies tell the story of having a garage full of products when trying to recruit distributors into their business opportunity.
This is 2011. If you are still using the example of “a garage full of products” in your business presentation, then you sound just as dumb and ignorant as a friend or family member who is still calling network marketing a pyramid scheme.
4. I Know the Product Works- I realize the reason that most of these wellness fruit juices work so well is because of a terrible food system combined with poor health habits.
I have my own testimony with Tahitian Noni Juice. A few years ago, when I was trying to be an action figure, I had over 500 lbs on the squat machine. When I went to set the weight back on the machine, I missed the spotters, and the weight fell on my back.
I heard something in my back crack. I was in so much pain, I could hardly drive home. When I got home, I drank a whole bottle of Tahtitian Noni Juice. The next day I drank another whole bottle.
This happened on a Wednesday. By that Friday, the pain was gone. Normally when you have a back injury the pain is recurring. This happened a few years ago, and I haven’t had a problem with my back since.
5. They Know How to do Events- All network marketing companies have events that are designed to get distributors excited, so they will be motivated to go out and sell more products and services.
Some of the best memories of my life happened at Tahititan Noni events. I still remember when the company rented out Universal Studios for us, and the Broadway show that they put together for the distributors at one national convention.
I also remember the lady, sitting right behind me at Tahitian Noni game night, who won $250,000.
The only difference this time is that I won’t be sharing a hotel room with other distributors and sleeping on the floor. I also won’t have to drive 30 hours one way across the country, just to attend an event, because some of the distributors on my team do not have enough money for a plane ticket.
I look forward to attending future events with my new friends and business partners. We are going to ball out of control. I can’t wait!

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Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach
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