The biggest shift observed in internet technology is due to a great rise in the video production aspect.

Either it is the commercial video content or the individual-centric videos through a smartphone, video content has created a big mark in the internet technology. Different researches have shown that people spend more time on videos than text content.

Brands are doing video production as a crucial part of their strategies and marketing campaigns. Companies know that video is the medium that could greatly engage current and future audiences well. As per the recent stats, 85% of internet users watch online video content monthly on any device. Moreover, 93% of marketers say that they get to new customers through videos on social media.

1. Video creates a unique emotional connection
Every content medium is effective but video presents proximity that leads to translate emotions in just a shorter time. This is why a short 30 seconds commercial video can bring a smile or tears on the faces of viewers. All images, audio, and videos create compelling and engaging experiences that grab the attention of viewers towards the brands.

2. Video enhance branding and marketing efforts
The video medium is served as both the driver and centerpiece for the branding efforts and supports a great range of marketing endeavors. Brands are using compelling video strokes for storytelling. Summing up, videos are capable of compiling all elements together and forwarding it in other marketing initiatives. In this regard, it is observed that 88% of video marketers are pleased with the Return On Investment through video marketing

2. Platforms offering video embedding capabilities
Today most of the platforms are giving the option to embed videos and this feature is greatly propagating content. This leads to an organic syndication process creating a good spread to blogs, social media pages, and websites. This engagement leads to a point where content goes viral.

4. Video gives longer user-engagement periods
Among the entire content medium, videos are ahead in creating longer engagement periods. Companies are greatly involved in video production as people tend to enjoy video content and understand the message well. However, on the other side, viewers leave the video screen, if it doesn’t load in two seconds. The 2019 report by Wyzowl reflects that 87% of marketing professionals use video marketing for enhancing the reputation of brands.

5. Video Shows Great ROI
According to the research of HubSpot 2018, 83% of the businesses yield a greater return on investment through the video medium as 54% of consumers prefer to watch video content from a brand. Though video production is not an easier task but it pays off big time both in the short and long term. Different editing tools and software are making video production easier and encouraging video usage at several platforms.

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