It gets difficult to find comfort in the fast paced routine. You wake up tired, get along the daily routine, hoping that things would either get easier or less stressing and when you get back home you find yourself in a pile of all kinds of home chores. Finally, when you hit the bed, the body gives up and brings forth all the pain that it had been holding on to for hours.

Suffering from back pain and especially the lower back area, a complaint we hear from almost everyone, young and old. It is mostly because of sitting for too long and definitely because of sitting in the wrong posture. The body suffers from immense pressure throughout the day and it isn’t only when you complete lie down to rest that the pain arises. We know how much it hurts and we have brought this quick 5 tips using a helpful lower back massager technique.

Using a Good Massage Oil:

A good lower back massager would know that to have a massage routine without a good oil is impossible. Different natural oils have different therapeutic benefits. Most of the oils that are used during massages are:

Coconut Oil
Almond Oil
Mustard Oil
Olive Oil
Black Seed Oil
Be careful with the amount of oil used, not too much and not too less is the key here. Kickstart the massage with a soft and gentle pressure on the key area.

Looking for Comfort First:

Wither you’re a lower back massager or you’re getting one done on yourself, always look for comfort first. If the pain is unbearable due to the position you’re lying down in making sure that you’re supporting yourself with relevant support like cushions or pillows. In case of pregnancy or other medical issues, a change of posture would be recommended to avail the massage.

uHip Lower Back Massager

With the growing work pressure and time crunching deadlines, you end up befriending the chair. But with the uHip lower back massager you can enjoy a hearty massage almost everywhere. The intense triple action kneading massage penetrates deep into the muscle layers, stimulating the ‘Huan Tiao’ acupressure points in your hips to improve circulation and the body’s detoxification system, preventing water retention and eliminating toxins.

Keeping the Body Warm

The parts of the body that are not being massaged should be covered with warm towels to keep the body temperature stable. You should also ask your therapist to add-on other elements to enhance the heating technique. Himalayan salt stones are a good source of producing heat and keeping the body adequately warm.

Keeping an Active Massage Schedule

There’s no reason to shy away from things that your body often requires. Massages are not a way to shed extra bucks from your pocket but it gives you the right kind of energy to leave home active and ready to face the world. An active bi-monthly or in case of severe pain issues, a weekly scheduled massage appointment is recommended.

A good massage helps regulate even blood flow in the body and release the good endorphin hormones making you feel ecstatic, for long.

Author's Bio: 

Raza Banatwala is an author for lifestyle.