Do you want to advance in your career? Then impressing your boss is one of the essential things you have to do. And this is something you can do effortlessly if you just follow a few basic steps.

Your boss plays a key role in your career advancement. Above anybody else, they are the person who has the most important say when there is a possibility for you to receive a promotion, bonus, award etc.

This means that your boss is the crucial person to impress if you want to shine in the company you work in. In this article, I'm gonna show you, drawing from my experience as a coach, 5 proven ways to achieve this.

1. Start by Getting Results

The results you create as an employee are hard currency in the workplace. They are proof they you are skilled and motivated, and that you can perform as an employee.

I often say that the easiest way to demonstrate you are a top employee is by actually being a top employee. So, start by being an employee who achieves top results. Make performance a priority for you.

2. Talk about Your Results

Real results are very important but they are not enough. You boss needs to also know about them. And if they're managing a few dozen people and they are very busy, chances are they're not very cognizant of the great work you put in as an employee.

It's your task to let them know about this. The idea is not to start bragging all of a sudden about your performance. The idea is to talk with your boss often and update them about your projects and how they are going. And in these discussions, makes sure to always insert relevant info regarding the positive results you are achieving.

3. Be On Time

Most managers love punctuality. They love it when they arrive at the office in the morning to see that their staff is already there and busy working. And if you're always there when they arrive, sooner or later they will realize this and it will make an impression on them.

This is why it's excellent to make being on time at work and at every meeting a main concern. It's worth it.

4. Be an Assertive Communicator

An assertive communicator is a person who is honest and open, and is willing to share any relevant info or idea, even the bad news or a negative feedback, but is able to do so in a tactful and constructive manner.

These are the people it's the easiest to work with and get things done with. And this is why most managers appreciate them. Assertive communication is a skill worth mastering.

5. Show Initiative

In general, managers hate it when an employee asks them what to do all the time, they can't even make minor decisions on their own and they lack initiative. They are a burden.

In contrast, an employee who asks a few questions at first to understand something, gets it real fast, and then makes their own decisions and shows initiative, plus they end up producing results, is an employee a manager can rely on.

Be this kind of an employee, and you'll impress your managers. And once your manager is impressed, a lot of opportunities open up for you.

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