Brain is the key organ that helps a person with maintaining a number of body works. It is the brain of the person that helps you with staying active and healthy. The brain is also responsible for maintaining the behavior of the person. This is why we all wish to have a better and faster brain functioning. Each one of us have a different brain activity. This is why some of us take longer to remember things compared to others. The world around us has become so competitive. Everyone is trying hard to reach the top of their career and live a better life. In this world of competition it is very important us to work hard to reach our goals and targets. But today, when everyone is working hard it is very important for us to work smart along with working hard. And this requires us to have a faster brain functioning.
We all love to play games. It have been a major part of our childhood. As we grew up, the responsibility in our life increased and now we hardly get time to re-live those golden days. But it is still not late to play games. It is seen that there are many games that is very effective in helping people with getting better brain activity. So, let us have a look at some of the games that we can play that will help us get better cognition. Also, we will have a look at the certain health supplements that helps with getting better mental health and brain functioning, such as-

Armodafinil dosage

Games for better brain activity

There are a number of games that affects the brain functioning of a person. There are scientific proves to indicate the effect these games have on the mind of the person. So, here are a few games that you can play to get better and faster brain activity.

• Sudoku-
This is a game where you have to arrange number in a given box. It can be played both on phones and paper. Even there are many newspapers that publish Sudoku on a daily basis. Playing these games calls for a person attention and planning. It therefore is very effective in stimulating the brain activity of a person.

• Chess-
These games have been played by people for a long time now. There are a number of benefits that a person gets when they play chess. It helps a person plan well and make strategies. It also calls for the person to understand opponent’s moves. It is one of the best games that help a person improve the short term memory of the person and also with stimulating the brain to help get better working and functioning of the brain.

• Puzzle-
We all know what puzzles are. Here, you need to arrange the pieces of puzzle to get the secured picture. It involves going through pieces that are of different shape and sizes. They are even of different colors. So, playing puzzles too helps a person with getting better working and functioning of the brain.

• Lumosity
This is a game that can be played on both android and ios phones. This game is very effective in helping people with getting better cognition. It helps to stimulate the brain and improves the working memory of the person. This game is designed in a way that it also helps to improve your attention for the things that are important and helps you to ignore things that are not important. This game is seen to be played by over 60 million people across the world.

• Clevermind
This is a game that is very effective for people who are suffering from the issue of Alzheimer’s. This games not just helps people by mental exercise but it also helps people targeting medical, dietary and social issues. This game is available in both android and IOS app store.

Alternative way
The use of health supplement such as Armodafinil dosage is very effective in helping people get better working and functioning of the brain. The Armodafinil dosage helps by acting on the brain and secrete hormones that is needed to stimulate the brain to help it work and function better. Taking Armodafinil dosage once is very effective in helping you work and function better. So, along with playing the games that are mentioned here, you can take Armodafinil dosage that is helpful in getting better brain activity in a person.

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