Why do so many businesses invest in custom POS displays? Utilizing a POS display is a great way to get your message across to your audience at the point of sale and market your brand. It also helps your brand to stand out in the saturated market. In addition, POS displays can be customized to meet your company's needs. Here are some of our favourite examples:

POS Display Idea 1: Transparent LCD Display

Seen in Hong Kong, this cool POS display by Heineken is testament to the fact that technology is advancing rapidly. Thus, many companies are coming up with innovative ideas to promote their brands.

Enhance POS Display with Transparent LCD Display

  • Innovative: The glass display offers an interactive and multi view of the advertisement. In addition, this POS display is unique and many people may not have seen such a display before. Thus, they will be intrigued by it and get a longer look at it.
  • Brand Visibility: The transparent digital LCD display will be sure to attract customers with the visuals and illumination of the brand. This will increase the company's brand awareness and leave a positive impression on customers.

5 POS Display Ideas That Prove They’re An Effective Marketing Tool

POS Display Idea 2: Unique Festive POS Display By Ferrero Rocher

Who doesn't love Ferrero Rocher chocolates? Ferrero is known for its delicious chocolate hazelnut candy. Besides that, it is always coming up with interesting and effective marketing campaigns. An example is this festive POS display. Festival promotion is a great way to market your products amid all the celebration.

5 POS Display Ideas That Prove They’re An Effective Marketing Tool

What we Love About this POS Display...

  • Bold: The large light up golden pyramid and acrylic signage of the company's logo is eye catching and is guaranteed to get people's attention. Overall, it looks pleasing to the eye and it is a great marketing promotion.
  • Competitive Advantage: Compared to the other chocolate stands, this one really stands out. Thus, customers will be more attracted to your products due to a positive and unique buying experience offered. This will in turn increase your sales and number of customers.

POS Display Idea 3: Benefit Makeup POS Display

The cosmetic industry is very saturated, with many different brands in the playing field. Thus, how can you ensure your brand stands out? Be inventive! Using an eye-catching cosmetic product display is an effective tool to attract customers and gain a competitive edge.

5 POS Display Ideas That Prove They’re An Effective Marketing Tool

  • Eye-catching: This POS display is similar to the packaging of their signature product, the They're Real Mascara. The life-sized structure is easy to spot and provides customers with a rough impression of how the product looks.
  • Compelling: The POS display features before and after pictures of a woman using the mascara. This shows how the product can be used to achieve a better look. It also convinces and encourages potential customers to purchase the product after seeing the benefits of the product.
  • Easily Accessible: The life-sized structure acts as a shelve for the display of the mascaras. Thus, customers can simply browse the products with convenience and ease.

Here is another example of the company's POS display for its Boi-ing hydrating concealer in Boots, UK.

5 POS Display Ideas That Prove They’re An Effective Marketing Tool

  • Vibrant colours: The POS display is decked out in pink, and symbolizes the company's signature colour. Furthermore, pink is the favourite colour of many women. Thus, since the company's target audience is girls, using pink is a sure-fire way to grab people's attention.
  • Customized: Using a life-sized replica of their product is an effective tool to market the product and get customers familiarized with the product. Customizing your display is also great for increasing your brand exposure and brand recall as customers will have a positive impression of it.

POS Display Idea 4: Confectionery POS Display

This POS display in the shape of a teapot by Cadbury in Britain is quirky and interesting.

What We Love about this POS Display...

  • Brand Recognition: Cadbury has upheld their colour scheme of violet, tan and white. Thus, customers will easily be able to associate and recognize the brand. With greater brand visibility, more customers will be attracted to the brand and the company will be able to boost sales.
  • Unique: The POS display is shaped in a teapot structure and is different from the usual displays of other brands. In addition, customers can enter and stand inside the teapot. This provides them with an interesting and memorable experience. On the other hand, this allows Cadbury to uphold their brand reputation.

5 POS Display Ideas That Prove They’re An Effective Marketing Tool

POS Display Idea 5: Magnetic POS Display

Although a floating POS display is not a common sight, it is surely but slowly gaining popularity among companies. It is also an interesting method to market your product worth considering. This POS display was seen at a Devialet outlet. Doesn't it look cool?

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