Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram provide a great avenue for branding, customer loyalty and new sales opportunities. Social Media creates a platform that encourages two-way conversations between business and their customer, as well as customer-to-customer interaction. Here are some of the 5 most memorable social media campaigns of 2016.

1. L’Oreal’s – #WorthSaying

In the heart of Disney is their Branding. They create strong and impressionable branding that will resonate with the audience. Disney’s brand is built into and reflected in their tag line…the happiest place on earth. Their branding is not about them; it is about how their customers see them. It’s about creating an emotional connection with guests and Disney does this well.

This campaign was promoted during the Golden Globes and Jennifer Lopez was sponsored to influence its authority. Even months after the campaign ended it was talked about and this hashtag continues to be used on social media platforms.

2. Lowes– #FixInSix

This very cleverly executed campaign provided tips and advice on home improvement in 6 seconds using the hashtag #FixInSix. It used slow motion technology along with Claymation type animation to create fun and engaging videos that were fun to watch and educational.

Lowes won their first Cannes Lion as well as the Clio award, and various other honors due to the success of #FixInSix. This campaign was brilliant, delivering relevant content to it’s audience in a unique yet valuable and educational way.

3. Disney– #ShareYourEars

Not all social campaigns work directly to promote a product or service. This year, Disney teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise awareness and money for terminally ill children. This campaign encouraged fans to share images and selfies featuring the legendary mouse ears on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #ShareYourEars. Each of the social media posts unlocked $5 donations from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, which was capped at 1 million dollars.

Amazingly, the #ShareYourEars campaign became a trending topic on Facebook and Disney Parks doubled their original pledge, donating $2 million to Make-A-Wish.

4. Buzzfeed– #Tasty

Everyone has seen the short video going viral on Facebook feeds (no pun attended) this year. They provide you quick, easy-to-make, and delicious mouthwatering recipes. The recipe videos are fun to watch, easy to follow and really simplify the “baking or the cooking” process.

In a very short time, these recipes have accumulated over 60 million Facebook fans and resulted in the launch of TastyJunior and Nifty.

5. Knorr– #LoveAtFirstTaste

This is one of the most trending social media campaigns of this year. It was launched by Unilever’s food brand ‘Knorr” and this campaign went viral from day one. #LoveAtFirstTaste promoted finding the ideal match not on the basis of looks, but on the basis of the same food taste.

The Knorr social media campaign is the end result of research that found many people are attracted to each other because of the similar sense of taste in food. This social campaign is such a success that on the release of its video on 25th April 2016, the video got over 7 millions views in a day.

The right social media strategy can really help businesses gain awareness and drive loyalty and new business opportunities. It is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing that can reach a large audience and go viral.

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