Many people experience stress and panic when they need a root canal. Root canals have a reputation for being painful, time-consuming treatments that are difficult to tolerate. But don't be concerned if you need to obtain one. Root canal treatment removes germs from affected root canals, avoiding reinfection of the tooth. When you get a root canal, the dentist removes any inflamed or diseased pulp from the root of the tooth and then cleans and disinfects it before filling and sealing it.

Root canal treatments are performed to save a patient's tooth and prevent infection. The longer you wait to treat your tooth, the more likely you will be unable to save it. In this article, we have gathered five myths about root canal treatment that you shouldn’t believe in.

1. A root canal procedure is extremely painful
While this may have been the case decades ago, today's technology and anesthetics ensure that you won't feel any more discomfort than if you went to the dentist for a cavity filling. The pain from a severe toothache, which is usually caused by damaged tissues in the tooth, can be quickly relieved when an endodontist removes the damaged tissue via root canal therapy. Moreover, endodontists are pain management experts, and most cases may be treated promptly and painlessly.

2. If I have an infection, I can't get a root canal
Actually, a root canal treatment is necessary if you are having discomfort from an infected tooth. The root canal will significantly decrease the physical discomfort caused by an infected tooth. Root canal therapy is required when tooth damage has reached the outer layers of enamel and the pulp (which includes nerves) of a tooth has become irritated or infected. If left untreated, the infection will worsen and may lead to severe complications.

3. Root canal treatment is a time-consuming procedure
The length of root canal treatment is determined on an individual basis. When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, inflammatory, or dead, root canal therapy is required. The pulp chamber links to the canals and roots that go into the bone. Root canal therapy entails extracting the dental pulp from within the tooth and closing the pulp chamber and canals. Filling them stops germs from entering and illnesses from occurring.

Some roots have more than one root canal, which an endodontist will not be aware of until the root canal treatment is performed. If further sealing is necessary, the procedure will take longer. Root canal treatment typically takes 45-90 minutes.

4. It is better to extract the tooth rather than undergo a root canal
It is usually preferable to save your original teeth wherever possible. Root canal treatment is less invasive than a permanent bridge or an implant-supported repair. These procedures frequently need the reshaping of healthy nearby teeth, which might threaten the structure of your smile. Additionally, no prosthetic tooth can operate as well as a genuine tooth. Root canal-treated teeth can last a lifetime without producing any more problems.

5. Root canal therapy leads to various diseases
The most dangerous misconception is that root canals can lead to a higher risk of diseases, including cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, heart and liver disease, and arthritis. The origins of this story may be traced back to the 1920s. Dr. Weston A. Price performed research and determined that germs trapped in the canals might seep into the body.

This study has long been discredited. Today, dental offices must adhere to stringent requirements for disease management and the safety of both employees and patients. For example, in modern dental practices, all tools are sterilized in an autoclave between patients, and new disposable needles are used for each patient.

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