Pets deserve your attention and that is why it is important to give your dog healthy diet. The mental health of animals also depends on the diet as if they eat unhealthy food, they don’t get the necessary nutrients, proteins, and vitamins due to which, the whole body and brain are affected. Majority of the pet owners fail to decide that which type of food should be given to a dog as some prefer to give dry food just because they do not want to spend time for cooking. On the other side, some people feel like raw food is perfect for a dog. Well, you should come out of this confusion by doing some research on the pros and cons of kibble and raw food to reach a final decision.

Come out of the Marketing Hype and do the Label Test
It is not a reliable approach to choose a product just because its marketing campaign is proving successful. You should do the label test yourself as you must know the details of ingredients that are included in the food pack. If you rely on a product just because of the excellent marketing campaign then you may not be able to choose the right food pack for your dog.

Shelf-Stable Food does not Contain Everything a Dog Needs
The marketing agencies have successfully made people believe that shelf-stable food contains everything a pet needs; however, this is not what the fact is. People basically get attracted to a thing that shelf-stable can be stored for at least 12 to 15 months but there are no live enzymes present in this food. So, you should stop believing that kibble contains all the necessary nutrients and proteins that a pet needs. The staple diet is good for a dog but only if you give it to the dog once in a week but when it comes to regular diet, it is not a suitable diet option. The carcinogenic chemicals or heterocyclic amines in the canned food can cause prostate cancer however general public doesn’t usually possess this type of knowledge but you must avoid this food for your dog.

Try to Give Organic Vegetables and Fruit to your Pet
The food that is genetically modified does not prove good for the health of pets. So it is crucial to give your dog certified organic vegetables and fruit once in a week or maybe two times in a single week because it is important for the health of the dog.

Green Organic Lentils are good for the Health of a Dog
If you study the digestive system of a dog, you’ll come to know that most of the dogs are allergic to wheat whereas grains are not important for them. So, it is better to shift the dog from rice to green organic lentils because it contains the highest protein content and is enriched in lysine as well. Green Lentils can prove a complete health package for a dog because the most important minerals like fiber and magnesium are also present in it.

Raw food should be washed before Serving
Raw fruits or vegetables may contain some pesticides whereas the blood on the raw meat is also not good for the health of a pet, so it is vital to wash the food before calling the dog to eat. Everybody knows that meat contains protein in a large quantity, so you should prefer to give the fresh meat of fish, rabbit, or chicken to your dog especially if it lacks in protein. Well, you should also a veterinary doctor for nutrition tips.

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