Gynecological diseases are common reproductive system diseases among women, which directly affect women's health and pregnancy, and do great harm to women. There are many kinds of such diseases, mainly occurring in the female reproductive system.

Common gynecological diseases in office ladies


It is one of the high-risk diseases for women, especially women who have had sex and can hardly escape the invasion of vaginitis. It is reported that fungal vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis, and bacterial vaginitis are the most common types of vaginitis. When women suffer from vaginitis, the general symptoms are increased leucorrhea, peculiar smell, and pruritus of the vulva.


Once the balance of a woman's body is broken, estrogen and progesterone will be disordered, which will cause dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system, and diseases such as adenomyosis will come into the door. Suppose a woman finds increased leucorrhea, abdominal mass, frequent urination, constipation, abdominal pain, other symptoms, prolonged menstruation, irregular vaginal bleeding, and a weak waist. In that case, it may be a precursor of adenomyosis.


Cervicitis can occur in women at any age stage. Generally, chronic cervicitis is more common in clinics. Cervical erosion is one of its manifestations. According to the survey, women with cervicitis are more likely to suffer from cervical cancer than healthy women. The clinical symptoms include abnormal leucorrhea with blood, lower abdomen falling and swelling, lumbosacral pain, etc.


It refers to the inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. Female patients are often accompanied by infertility. The patient has lower abdominal swelling, pain, lumbosacral pain, and other symptoms, sometimes mild and sometimes severe, accompanied by increased leucorrhea, low back pain, menstrual disorders, etc., aggravated after menstruation or fatigue.

Pelvic inflammatory disease(PID)

Its typical symptoms are increased leucorrhea, fever, lower abdominal pain, sometimes nausea, and general fatigue. "Pelvic inflammation is more common in gynecological diseases. Most women with pelvic inflammation are caused by factors such as marriage or early sexual life." Warm reminder: if women suffer from pelvic inflammation but do not receive timely treatment, it can lead to chronic pelvic inflammation and cause infertility.

For these common gynecological diseases, patients need active treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill has a good effect on treating these diseases.

Why do these gynecological diseases easily entangle working women?

1. Hold your urine

It is usual for some ladies to sit for a long time to receive computer radiation. As soon as they get busy, no one cares to go to the toilet. Even if they can't go to the bathroom, they can save much time dealing with work. However, the female internal reproductive organs and the bladder live in the pelvic cavity and are closely related.

The uterus is located behind the bladder. Holding urine will make the bladder full, pressing the uterus and tilting the uterus backward. If the urine containing bacteria and toxic substances is not discharged in time, it is easy to cause cystitis, urethritis, and other diseases. It is easy to suffer from urethritis for a long time, and it can cause uterine inclination in severe cases.

2. Sit for a long time may damage the ovaries

There are about 150000-500000 follicles in the ovary at birth. At the reproductive stage, only 300-400 follicles in women can mature and be discharged, and the other follicles degenerate when they develop to a certain extent. With the number of follicles decreased, the estrogen level gradually decreased, and then menopausal symptoms appeared. When the number of residual follicles in the ovary is less than a certain number, ovulation and menstruation will no longer occur.

Therefore, ovarian function decline usually occurs in the menopause of 45-55 years old. A woman with ovarian dysfunction before the age of 40 is called premature ovarian failure. Premature ovarian failure will make women enter menopause ahead of time, and all body functions will decline rapidly, losing their youthful vitality and fertility.

Experts suggest that women can take some natural maintenance products to maintain the ovary, regulate the uterus, quickly restore the firmness of the private parts and eliminate inflammation.

3. Play on the phones before going to bed, causing infertility

There are no reports that playing on the phones before bedtime will definitely affect fertility. However, from a medical point of view, if young women indulge in playing on mobile phones before going to bed for a long time, and the time is too long, which will cause physiological cycle disorder and even affect their fertility. Also, it can disrupt the original biological clock for a long time and easily affect metabolism, mood, immunity, etc.

4. Wear tight pants during menstruation

Tight pants can make the curve of women more apparent, and the exquisite figure attracts people's attention, which greatly satisfies girls' vanity. However, tight pants are close to the skin and have poor ventilation. Wearing tight pants for a long time will lead to the dampness of the vulva. At the same time, a long-term humid sanitary environment will cause vaginitis, and in severe cases, pelvic inflammation, cervicitis, endometritis, etc. Especially during menstruation, wearing tight pants is more likely to suffer from pudendal diseases due to closed and humid spaces.

It is suggested that women should not wear tight pants for a long time and should choose all cotton material pants with strong sweat absorption and good ventilation.

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