There are so many new trends in the world - from shirts that are sheer in all but one or two places to new recipes that are completely vegan. However, the trends in the culinary world are all but uninteresting.


Making restaurant quality burgers at home is one of these modern trends in the culinary world. Fatty's Online, the site for Fatty's Burger and More, is one reason this trend has sprung up. They offer three recipe packages - the original Fatty's Burger, the Batter-Up Bacon burger, and the turkey burger. Each package has buns, patties, cheese, condiments and other necessities.

Use It All!

Another trend that is coming on strong is being able to use the entire animal. Knowing a good butcher is a key asset to this trend, but being able to use everything is an art that has been all but lost to the ancient arts. Ancient man used to use all the meat for food and bones were extremely versatile, as was the fur.

Get Your Own

Small plates meant for a single person are making a large and fancy entrance. While the shared tapas came storming in a few years ago, the small plates are coming back and gaining a lot of popularity. With today's egocentric world (and the fact that selfie is now a recognized word), it makes sense that this type of plate is coming back into popularity with full force.

Fruit in Soup

Fruit was long reserved for desert. However, there are many more savory dishes that now feature fruits. Bar Tartine in San Francisco, for example, features a chilled apricot soup. Apples are often found as sides when kids are involved, and grapes, strawberries, and cherries show up in salads more often now as well.

Got it From Asia

Another trend that has come on strong is putting Asian influence into foods. From sriracha sauce on chicken to the Japanese Pocky candies that are available in many large world markets, the influence of these odd and interesting foods has come far and wide since they were first introduced into the Western world.

From having plates for yourself to the entire animal being used and back again, there is so much that has come back with full force or that has come with full force for the first time. Whether there is a need for the trends or not, they have become quite popular.

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