Has your marriage become dull? Are you experiencing no spark? Want to turn up the heat in your relationship? Well, that’s what erotic tantric massage for couples is for. Sure massage therapy has always been popular, but in the last few years, tantric massage has gotten to be extremely popular. Although it’s an unconventional kind of massage, there is no doubt that it’s extremely effective in providing the utmost pleasure.

But this kind of massage requires some degree of expertise to perform. Here’s where most people go wrong; they end up being subjected to the wrong kind of massage technique.

So what are the mistakes which are usually associated with tantric massage?

• Not creating the perfect mood:

You can’t expect to receive a soothing massage in the midst of bright lighting and loud music. There needs to be a proper environment for any kind of massage and this where many go wrong. Right from setting dim lighting to lighting scented candles to playing soft music, each of these factors are extremely important. If you want to gain the maximum pleasure out of the massage, creating the perfect environment is essential.

• Not catering to any specific area:

If you are going for such therapy just for pleasure, then it’s a different thing altogether, but if you or your partner needs special care of a specific part of your body, it’s the job of the masseuse to ask about that before starting the session. Unfortunately, many don’t do this as they assume that everyone comes to this kind of massage purely for sexual pleasure which obviously not always the case.

• Setting up on the bed:

Ideally, a massage surface should always be firm so setting it up on a bed will be a mistake. Sure it'll be comfortable, but for the massage to work best, the firm surface of the floor is the best option.

• Mix up the speed:

One myth that most people have is that when it comes to erotic sensual massage in London, the stroke speed should be extremely slow. This isn’t true at all. Well trained masseuses know that the key here is to mix the pace and pressure from time to time.

• Pouring the oil directly into your skin:

One of the big mistakes which amateur masseuses often make is to pour the hot or cold oil directly into the patient’s body. This is a wrong thing to do. Ideally, the oil should be brought to a proper temperature by pouring it first into the hands and then rubbing it over the body.

So these are some of the mistakes which are often performed during a tantric massage session. If you are looking to enjoy this massage, it's best to go to reputed professionals who have been delivering such massages for several years and know all the aspects of tantric massage comprehensively.

Check out the client testimonials to get a better idea of the quality of service the massage company provides. Don’t settle for the second best just because they are offering a cheaper option.

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