When standing in front of a foreigner, you are "frozen", and you perceive yourself as a clown. And this will continue for a long time, it is dangerous for the future of self development.

Practice pronunciation

One of the things that makes learners hesitate to communicate in English is that their pronunciation is not good, they don't hear clearly and are afraid to say wrong. For that reason, you should start practicing your pronunciation very well if you want to listen to understand native speakers and speak English well. There are many Handbooks English exams and software to assist you in guiding learners to pronounce English and American correctly, such as listening to BBC channels, VOA news, listening to how to play pronunciation and reading the word over and over. These ways will help your mouth and the phonetics look like native speakers. You can also apply these lessons and practice yourself in the mirror every day. Many people have responded that practicing pronunciation in front of a mirror is really effective.

Listening to English in "downtime"

If you are going to school, working, do not have much time to practice English, then use your "dead time". The gaps like when you sit on the bus, lunch, washing dishes, bathing, cleaning the house, washing, walking, you can turn on radio channels like CNN, BBC to listen passively. Such passive listening helps you feel better about the pronunciation and pronunciation of native speakers and gradually your speech will be more similar to that of foreigners.

Talk to foreigners

The most effective way to learn conversational English is to make friends with foreigners and practice communicating with them daily, they will help you correct mistakes in pronunciation and grammar. You will make great progress in a short time and you will feel more confident communicating in English.

Many international friends know English, but you should talk to native speakers with real voices like US, UK, Australia, Canada, and so on because other countries speak English but intonation, intonation sound is mixed. You can talk by direct contact or via Skype, other online websites connecting friends, and etc.

Watch movies or films with English subtitles

In addition to talking to foreigners, you still have other ways to understand more about the structure or culture of Westerners, to help you relax as well as develop your vocabulary, pronunciation skills and watching movies. You can enjoy American sitcom with English subtitles.
Some famous films such as Friends, How I met your mother, Glee ... are American TV series about friendship, family relationship and love. During the movie, you can imitate the actor's mouth and see the structure in English subtitles. This is a useful way for you to get close to English in everyday life and Western culture.

How to learn English by subject

In the process of learning communicative English, many of you learn vocabulary that is rampant, heterogeneous on the subject and the unused often leads to the status of one word forgetting the other. Therefore, you should spend time to learn vocabulary, idioms, sentence patterns related to a topic, such as "Family", "Work", "Fashion" or "Travel" ... Jobs Overarching learning, one topic will help you remember more easily and longer than learning each word individually with different topics.

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