In a previous article in my website, I had mentioned about the 18 points that were being used in EFT.
Now I will give you the details to be taken into account in an EFT session.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is applied by tapping some special acupressure points with fingertips. These special points belongs to the energy meridians which are on the surface of our head, chest, and hands. EFT tapping points are on top of the bones, and they are more sensitive comparing to the neighboring regions.

The main steps in an EFT application, can be summarized as follows:
1. Problem identification
2. Check the intensity and the location
3. Apply Setup
4. Tapping
5. Re-check the intensity and the location (jump to 3rd step if necessary, or stop)

The tapping points used in the short recipe are as follows:
EB- Start of Eyebrow (symmetrical)
SE- Side of Eye (symmetrical)
UE- Under Eye (symmetrical)
UN- Under Nose (single)
CH- Chin (single)
CB- Collar Bone
UA- Under Arm
LP- Liver Point
WR- Wrist -inner (symmetrical group)
TH- Top of Head (single group)
KC- Karate Chop point (symmetrical)

The points that are located at under nose, and chin are single points. Top of Head is defined as a single region. On wrists, also, there are more than one point which are very close to each other that can be defined as a symmetrical region. All other points are symmetrical twin points.

During an application, we must tap each point about 3 to 7 times, rapidly. The strokes must be firm, but should not hurt.

All of the tapping points are located at the regios where underneath bones are close to surface. While tapping we can use our index finger, or index and middle fingers altogether. We can hit both inner wrists to each other, and we can use all of the fingers of one of our hands while tapping our Top of Head region.

Now, let me explain the main EFT steps:

1- In the first step, we must define the problem that we want to solve. It might be a physical problem such as a back pain. Or it might be a family or health problem, or money issues. The problem must not be a very complex one. If it is a complex problem, we must divide it into simpler parts. Then we prepare a setup sentence according to that problem definition. For example: "Even though I have this back pain, I deeply and completely accept myself." Also we need a "reminder statement" like "This pain."

2- When we prepare the setup and the reminder sentences, we check the intensity, and the place of the emotional effects arising from that problem. Generally we scale the intensity using a number between 0 (zero) and 10 (ten). Any value less than 3, can be assumed as a resolved, or ineffective problem. If the intensity is greater than two, we continue the session. If we encounter a really very big problem, intensity might be as high as 10.
The place of the discomfort is also an important clue. However, if you are new to EFT, it might be a little difficult to find that place. In such a situation, skip it.

3- When we locate the intensity, and the place of the issue we start to repeat the setup sentence 3 times while tapping (KC) Karate Chop point continuously.

4- When we complete the setup step, we start tapping. While tapping we tap 3 to 7 times, and say the reminder phrase once for each point. After the completion of the tapping sequence, we breath in deeply, wait for 2-3 seconds, then breath out.

5- In the last step, we close our eyes, and re-check the intensity and the place of the discomfort. If the intensity gets lower than 3, then we stop. Otherwise, we return to the third step, and repeat the sequence. If the intensity level does not change even after 4 or 5 complete cycles, then we stop again. In such a case it is better to change the location, and/or time for another trial.

Here is a simple example:

First step
Problem: Neck pain
Setup sentence: Even though I have this neck pain, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Reminder phrase: This pain.

Second step
Place: Back of the neck
Level: 6

Third step
While continuously tapping Karate Chop point, repeat the setup sentence 3 times:
Even though I have this neck pain, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Fourth step
Tap Start of Eyebrow – say: This pain
Tap Side of Eye – say: This pain
Tap Under Eye – say: This pain
Tap Under Nose – say: This pain
Tap Chin – say: This pain
Tap Collar Bone – say: This pain
Tap Under Arm – say: This pain
Tap Liver Point – say: This pain
Tap Wrist – say: This pain
Tap Top of Head – say: This pain
Breath in – Breath out

Fifth step
Re-check the intensity level, and place of discomfort. If it is less than 3, then stop, or return to the third step.

In my next article, I will explain the Basic Recipe, and give some examples.

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Ahmet Aksoy

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