Business and personal life are directly connected, with the common denominator being you, haven’t you noticed? It’s time to integrate ourselves into the whole being that we are. Law of Attraction is simply this: the vibrational pattern of energy from thought and feeling that is affecting your perceptional system and connecting with like thoughts and feelings from others.

It’s the old, “I like or don’t like your vibes”. It is also being drawn toward and “seeing” in the world around you what you really believe at a subconscious, bodily level. This is the blueprint to change. You can only “see” in your world, what you are expecting to see or believe in general.Science now can document this.

It happens all the time that when people come up against something they don’t believe, they even say, “I just can’t see that”, or “I can’t understand why or how”, etc. Belief is the feeling in your mind and body that you wired initially into your brain and nervous system. Belief is simply a thought that you keep thinking with feeling. If there is no feeling and it is not at a visceral, body feeling level, then you are only in your head, “wishful thinking”.

If belief is thinking with feeling then it can be changed. There is also a prevailing belief that one must cling to their beliefs as if it were life and death. This belief too can be changed. It only feels like this because you are not aware yet that you’ve attached your sense of identity to the belief so you take it personally if the belief is confronted. I’ve come to believe what I believe until I change my mind. Some of the beliefs that I hold are outdated and no longer serve my evolutionary growth toward my highest good. It is simply time for them to go or be updated.

I know we are taught that “doing” xyz steps is the way we change or learn. This is deceptive because change really starts with “being”. Haven’t you notice at work that just being told to do something, or even how to do it, does not make it stick?

“Being” is an emotional state of feeling and has an inner self-image. You cannot consistently maintain behavior unless there is an inner “being” blueprint underlying the behavior. I have formed a 7 Step process as the foundational program for change in that it lays a framework to look at “what you don’t know that you don’t know”.

These are the blind spots. This is a new paradigm in that you are empowered to gain insights from within yourself, how to “see”, perceive from inside out, instead of giving your power away by blaming others for how you respond. The better we understand how we are co-creating our experiences, the easier it becomes to shift via self-awareness.

Simply being given lists of information or behaviors to emulate is not going to rewire your subconscious beliefs that are held in your body at a cellular level. You need to have a conscious shift in HOW you see yourself in relation to self and others, including life itself. This is how to quantum leap your life to a whole, new empowered level as rapidly as possible. Incremental change is boring and hard and is why most people run away from change.

Also, have a starting point of neutrality. We are not broken and we don’t need fixing. We are evolving, growing. This is so, so important as the way that you fundamentally think about yourself and the change process can make or break you right out the gate. If your come from is that you are broken, your unconscious survival reaction will kick in faster that you can blink. You will feel ready for attack, feelings of shame or guilt may surface and you will become defensive and guarded. You can’t approach change with a closed mind; you must set an intention to come to the table with an open mind and heart in order to evolve and grow. Refraining from judgments of “good” and “bad” are very powerful and empowering points of reference.

I do want to add here, having a healthy spiritual practice can make or break the process depending on how much depth you want to cover. The change process is most impactful from an integration of mind and heart/spirit as a whole. So here are 5 keys to become aware of when you finally get serious about attracting what you want from a place of clear, personal power instead of just hoping and wishing:

1. Be willing to change and let go of beliefs that got you where you are. If you don’t update, you cannot grow beyond wherever you already are
2. Take the time so begin to learn the power of your own brain and mind to help or hinder your growth – it will make or break your success
3. Learn how to shift the paradigm of self-rejection – it is only yet, another belief system – change is harder when you think you are trying to “fix” yourself versus simply expanding more into your true potential
4. Learn about the power of forgiveness and it’s impact on your perception, your health and whether or not you can raise your “vibe” high enough to attract that business and life wealth and happiness that you desire
5. Get crystal clear on the benefits of WHY you want what you want and how that looks and feels – what is authentic for your soul? It can be adjusted, yet the brain/mind needs to have a goal to move toward. A confused mind will only go to the default pattern that you already have wired into the brain in the past, which is producing your current results.

Owning your personal power is taking “response-ability” and choosing to pull up the courage within you to make the change, be the change, that you want to see manifest in your life and use the Law of Attraction consciously. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. What do you think about the power of beliefs; do you think changing your beliefs lead to changing your life and achieving your goals, and if not how can we produce new, different results?

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