When speaking about house renovation or remodeling projects we mostly think about all the pleasant parts, such as choosing new colors, designs and furnishings. But in fact house renovation project is not just all about painting your house a different color or replacing some of your old and dusty furniture. Most of the time, it is done so as to avoid accidents or injuries that may happen. Home safety of the people who live there is of great importance and must be given attention.

1. Install Grab Bars in Bathrooms

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 200,000 Americans are taken to the emergency department for bathroom-related injuries yearly. Therefore, we can consider that a bathroom is one of the dangerous places at home where accidents and injuries mostly take place due to its slippery surfaces.

Considering this data, you need to install safety features in your bathroom to reduce the risk of falling. This is a recommended thing to do especially if you live with elders at home.
Installing grab bars where they are easily reached and held onto for supporting balance whenever entering or exiting the tub or shower is advised. This feature works great with elders who possess good upper-body strength.

2. Replace Warped or Peeling Floors

Consider also replacing your warped or peeling floors to avoid further accidents. To replace peel and tile floors, you will need to consider if they can be installed quickly or if they are resilient. Look for similar ones you have during the floor’s installation. If you have nothing left, you may visit a tile or home improvement store to choose ones that are the exact same thing or close to it.

3. Avoid Mold with Proper Ventilation Technique

Always check if your home has proper ventilation by a mold remediation service. If after the checkup, you find your house humid, you may need some high-capacity dehumidifier and air movers in order to make the air in your house “move” and get rid of mold. You need to determine whether your simple home routine activities such as cooking, bathing and doing the laundry don’t contribute to the growth of mold in your home.

After doing so, you will need to vent your appliances which emit moisture like your clothes dryer or stoves. Next, you will need to use an AC filter to improve the overall air quality of your home. However, don’t forget to regularly check your AC to see if it produces moisture and make sure you clean them as needed according to the manufacturer. Besides, the regular checking of your AC will also help you discover the possible problems, and contact your local air conditioning repair as soon as possible.

4. Update Interior and Exterior Lighting

Stay away from boring and outdated lighting at your home. Instead choose interior and exterior lighting which are modernized, updated and stylish. You may need to install dimmer switches on as many lamps. Make your bedroom feel more accommodating and bathroom more soothing.

Opting for can-up lights for dark corners works wonders too. They come in a variety of styles and you’re free to choose what you like based on your preference. Additionally, you will only need to plug them in with the light directed at the dark area.
Moreover, putting a light sensor to your outdoor light will also help you a lot. It will bring light when it’s dark outside so you will not have to creep in the dark and it will go off when it’s daybreak.

5. Weatherize Your Home

Prepare your home for the winter season by weatherizing it. Instead of spending lots of money due to heating bills, you may opt to weatherize your home. There are two common places at home to do so which includes weatherizing your windows and doors.

Applying caulk around the outside edges of the window casing must be done. Make sure to close your windows tightly and you have used a rope caulk to seal all the moving parts. On the other hand, your doors need to be applied with caulk to the edges of the casing. Performing weatherstripping to the inside of the doorjamb must be performed as well.

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