Many men suffer from prostate disease, which is indescribable and related to men's physical health and sexual function. It's directly related to men's privacy.

When men get to a certain age, the risk of prostate disease will also increase, which is a terrible trend. Not only is sexual function hindered, but all parts of the body are impaired. Prostatitis is awful, but it is not incurable.

Patients can take antibiotics in the acute phase to eliminate symptoms. Suppose acute prostatitis is not treated in time into chronic prostatitis. In that case, you can take Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is made of more than 50 natural plants, there is no side effects or drug resistance. It can not only eliminate symptoms but also completely cure prostatitis. 

Besides, many Chinese herbal medicines or ingredients can significantly alleviate the disease, so what are they?

1. Yam

Yam should be considered as a good health care product for boys and girls. Yam itself is rich in protein, carbohydrate and trace elements. The starch content is also very high, and the soft waxy yam taste is very beneficial to our gastrointestinal digestion and absorption.

Men often eat yam can nourish the stomach and spleen and have a good effect on relieving prostatitis. At the same time, yam can balance blood sugar and blood lipids, enhance body resistance, and everyone can eat yam.

2. Poria cocos

Compared with yam, we are unfamiliar with Poria cocos. The dietary fiber content of Poria cocos is amazing, and there are some essential elements for the human body. Poria cocos has diuretic, sedative, spleen strengthening and digestive functions, which greatly affects relieving prostatitis. Many women also use cosmetics containing Poria cocos moisturizing ingredients because of its disinfection and the facial effect is also very good.

3. Corn whisker

Corn is sweet and delicious food. When it comes to corn whiskers, it gives the impression that it's just a garbage piece, which is wrong. Corn has to be called, in a way, dragon whiskers. Long whiskers can be used as medicinal materials. It can also be used for soup with the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, detumescence, inflammation, etc. The impact of helping digestion and detoxification is noticeable.

Most of the patients with prostatitis contain a lot of damp-heat accumulation. Therefore, drinking some corn whisker water can make the edema subside quickly, defecate unobstructed, and naturally reduce prostatitis pain.

4. Lycium

Lycium barbarum is a typical Chinese herbal medicine. With the gradual improvement of living standards, more and more people who know how to keep in good health often drink some Lycium water, regulating the body.

Moreover, the Lycium barbarum also has the effect of nourishing the liver and eyesight. And for some males with prostatitis, drinking some Lycium water properly at ordinary times can also effectively alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis and protect male health better.

5. Black beans

When it comes to black beans, we may not pay much attention to them. Because in life, the most common and often eaten are soybean and mung bean. The appearance and taste of black beans are not as good as other beans.

Black beans contain no less protein than eggs and are rich in amino acids. Amino acids nourish Yin and Yang. It has a good therapeutic effect on prostate enlargement and can prevent Alzheimer's disease. So understand this sacred product.

The prostate is a male urinary organ, in daily life, little attention may increase the risk of prostate disease. The incidence of prostate disease is higher and higher now, and it is getting younger and younger. Therefore, men must pay attention to it.

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