Cushion covers - a beauty that perfectly protects the punch of Happiness and Comfort!!

Yes, while one can’t often change the look of the room, you can change it by bringing the new colors into it. And one of the ideal way to bring that change to the room is through cushion-covers. Agreed? Yes, adding the designer sofa cushion covers to the home can beautifully relive the appearance of a room and bring a positive change in the vibes of your home. 

So, before you search through the Instagram feeds, magazines or hit directly to the online furniture stores to ensure that you pick the right sofa cushion covers for your home, you need to consider the following ways to light up your home’s style: just follow a few simple steps on how to play with your cushions, using the beautiful covers and you will be on your path to styling like a pro.

Listen to Your Heart

When it comes to decorating your home through stylish sofa cushion covers online, the first and foremost thing is to follow what your heart desires. And, when it comes to styling with them, just go with what your gut says. It’s quite important that you like the look of it and not really up to whether they are on trend or not. After all, you are the only one who is going to look at them all the time. So, follow your heart and what makes you happy.

Know Your Colour Palette

When choosing your designer cushion covers online, ensure they are from the same color palette so that it ties the look beautifully. It will make it appear pleasing to an eye instead of too matchy-matchy. For an example, I have a yellow and grey wall painting, hung just above the sofa set of my living room. So, I have chosen the sofa cushion covers in that color palette only to tie the entire look with my painting.

Decide on the Numbers

I like to have too many sofa cushions, sporting the beautiful covers on the couch. But the question is how many is too many? Well, really this is one’s own choice, but I like to have a small cluster on one end of the sofa and then one big sofa cushion, featuring the patterned cushion cover on its own. This style is more modern and works especially well on a 3-seater sofa. You can surely put a few more on your modular couch. Try doing odd numbers of a grouping of cushions. Be sure to leave space somewhere to sit comfortably.

Bring interest with Texture

I personally love to have a few different bed cushion covers with different textures. It creates a really warm and welcome feel, especially on my bed. For an example, in my bedroom, I have a cushion, featuring the Red Velvet cushion cover, a grey throw cushion and a cotton one. Each are individual, but each brings with them an element of interest to the room. Try it the next time you are out for shopping covers for cushion online. 

Add a Touch of Luxury

When it comes to cushion covers, luxury can be added by using the right material. So, treat yourself to the sofa cushion covers online that use quality materials such as velvets, linens or even faux fur to create a "oomph" factor. Fabrics with texture are solid and add a touch of sophistication to even the most basic sofa or a bed. Also remember, not to go over styling when it comes to faux and fur.

Conclusion: When it comes to the soft furnishings in home decor items, cushion covers are one of the most beautiful ones that every home desire to have. Sofa cushions covers online are one of the embellishing decor items that every Indian home should have. So, just go confident with the top 5 styling ways mentioned above and flaunt your interiors with style.

Remember, lighting up your home is always a fun task to galore. So, treat your home to little styling tips now and then keep things lively with cushions covers!

Stay stylish, stay safe and stay home!! 

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