1. Marketing Plan: Whether your budget is big or small, the key to success involves building the business’ marketing strategy beforehand. Figure out the most effective way of reaching out to your ideal consumer market and develop a plan accordingly. Focusing on how will the product be promoted, will it be more effective through social media i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or through newspapers. Who is the decision maker and who is going to handle all the proceedings thereafter? These are some of the questions that the marketing plan should cover.

2. Creating a brand logo: For promotion over a large scale, brand recognition plays quite a significant role. A brand logo shapes as an integral aspect defining the business’ identity. Not only will people start recognizing your business, but it will also differentiate your business from others. Use your logo in everyway possible, be it an email, websites, billboards, or even business cards. Incase you do not own a business card yet, get one immediately as it is one of the best ways for business promotions. You can get the best square business cards here, https://www.printpeppermint.com/square-business-cards/.

3. Design your vehicle like a billboard: This is one of the cheapest and efficient ways to market your business. Some people might feel that it is necessary to acquire a white colored vehicle to be able to effectively undergo this option. However, the truth is that this option can be exercised on nearly every vehicle. Wrap up your vehicle with the main business idea, the business name logo, and a phone number. Make sure to pass your vehicles through areas where you can find the target market. Or try out in those areas in rush hour times when there is bound to be traffic congestion.

4. Use the impact of Social Media: It is inevitable to point out the major reason why majority of the businesses are prospering is, the impact of social media. Be it, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, there are excessive number of ways through which you can pass on your business idea globally. Make sure that you create your own business website that is constantly updated with the latest business changes. This way people can stay in touch with your businesses every time. Similarly, make sure to use YouTube or video promotions for marketing as it is a much easier and effective mode of communication. Create a social media plan to begin with and then make regular changes accordingly.

5. Use cross promoting techniques: Commonly known by the term, buddy marketing, cross promotion is another vital way through which effective marketing can be achieved. This is a way which mainly includes your business teaming up with other businesses for specific ventures. This way both the businesses can pool in their resources and make their work more impactful. This way both businesses can promote each other and make sure that the other business is marketed too. A simple way to ace this step is by sending in business cards and brochures of the partnering business along with yours. This can potentially increase your number of customers.

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Contributed by Amna Khan