The Chartered Accountancy (CA) articleship is not alone about getting the best organization. Also, how you perform during the CA articleship is of immense importance as based on your work pattern, your work certificate will be prepared. In case of CA articleship, its not about holding on to your good performance for a month, you have to continue this for the next 6-months of articleship.

Hence here is a list of don’t-s that you should follow in your CA articleship days in order to be the best and bag an outstanding certificate, sums a CA Coaching Classes in Chennai

Don’t be late

While punctuality is what you have to maintain during your CA articleship tenure, but you should make sure that you are not late for office by chance. Your boss should not see you walking in late as this conveys a very wrong vibe. In case you are stuck with an emergency its recommended that you inform your boss in advance and this can happen maximum once or twice in the entire six months duration of your CA articleship.

Don’t misbehave

Please note, even if you are paid you are not an employee of the organization. So at any cost, whether its excessive work load or tight deadline - you should not lose your temper in office. If required you can be calm enough to bargain and modify the situation at your end. But at any cost, you should not misbehave during the office hours or in office premises during CA articleship tenure.

Don’t convey negative vibes

When in office, your attitude should not convey negative vibes to others. Its not only in front of your boss but also applies in case of your colleagues. You should be reserved and formal in your attitude. Over talkativeness or extra time on phone are some of the minor ways how you can create a wrong vibe during your CA articleship tenure.

Don’t express expectations

Days might go good and you might be appreciated for your work during CA articleship. You can feel about this but do not count this as the next job offer. The statistics of CA articleship turning to jobs is very acute and you should just expect the certificate at the end of six months. If you are offered more to this, you can celebrate later. No need to over expect and effect your performance during CA articleship.

Don’t give up opportunities

During your CA articleship, you might be given work that you don’t like or you don’t know how to do. Without getting perplexed - take such opportunities, fetch help from others and try the work. You can always take help from the internet or from friends. The more challenges you handle during CA articleship the better impression you convey. If you give up such challenges, your office reputation might be at stake.

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