“Masculinity is risky and elusive... It is often achieved by the revolt from a woman and is often confined only by other men. And any manhood which is coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.”

To most men, colour is more than a visual experience. They look for a deep-rooted psychological factor that radically helps change their emotions and mood. It is why 6 out of 10 men opt for a unique selection of contrasting colours that bring about an element of surprise, excitement and positivity.

They seek for shades which transcend their mood to a happier and sunnier place where they get total impunity to express the wittier version of their REAL-selves! 

This present year (and also 2018) witnessed a horde of unisex colour palettes to meet the needs of men specifically (and even both the genders- provided one keeps an open mind about it).

Here’s a list of those masculine shades which you can use to repaint your man-cave.

  • Starting With The LIMPET SHELL:-

This colour shade comes with a clear reminiscent of tranquil clear azure waters and weatherboard beach shacks. It has a dark yet eye-pleasing appeal and can be applied into your luxurious bachelor pad’s setting. So, if you’re looking to repaint your man-cave before this year’s holiday season, then you use ‘Limpet Shell’; and can pair it using crisp white to feel totally renewed.

  • Iced Coffee:- 

If your bachelor pad consists of lots of timber and furniture with leather upholstery and cushions, then you can opt for this very grounded... and very reliable Ice Coffee hue. Not to forget that it oozes masculinity no matter where you use it. And most quality painters serving the Gold Coast region recommend using this in living rooms, lounges and even in bedrooms.

  • If Grey Is Timeless... LILAC GREY is so much more...

Grey is always considered to be a timeless hue and even perhaps one shade which men truly appreciate. However, due to its widespread use, the neutral grey has somewhat gotten too common when it comes to interior paint options. That’s why another equally wonderful variant is the LILAC GREY!

Subtle yet eye-pleasing, Lilac Grey can blend in any existing decor. Plus, it can be paired with any other shade to transform your man-cave into a specimen of appreciation! So, pick this wonderful interior hue and let your imagination dictate what combinations you want to add with it.

  • Fiery Red Or FIESTA...

Another popular shade which house painters serving in Brisbane recommends using to encourage your masculinity, determination and strength of character is this fiery red, also known as FIESTA. This is a popular shade for the strong-willed man having fiery instincts, brazen passion and craving for more power and recognition! 

Simply whip this shade into your man cave walls and let its dramatic appeal mind-boggle every visitor. 

  • Bring Nature Into Your Pad With Vibrant GREEN FLASH...

Thinking about bringing in vibrant nature into your own urban environment? How about a fresh lick of vibrant Green Flash! The colour allows you to break free from the confinement of conventional green and instil energy and excitement into your man cave.

Furthermore, to complement its rich vibrancy; you can add eccentric rugs, bold artwork and wooden furniture with leather cushioning.  

Impressed...? You should be! 

So, without further ado, contact a professional painting contractor in Gold Coast, Brisbane and discuss the best way to incorporate either one or a mixture of these bold shades. 

“After all, why should women have all the fun.”

Author's Bio: 

The author offers painting services through its dedicated team of painters in the Gold Coast area. With that, the author also provides house painters in other Brisbane suburbs to meet the various requirements of different clients.