Once the people were widespread over the globe however, in the globalized world today everyone super-connected. To keep up with the fast-paced world, every individual is demanded in excel multiple fields simultaneously. And only being extraordinary in any way can help you stand out and make yourself at a better position in this crazy survival game.

Choosing language can be challenging as your extraordinary skill might be challenging but surely provide ultimate returns. No matter how much you love languages, if you have dared to learn a foreign language or languages then you will surely have desperate moments with thoughts like “what was I thinking?” or “I gave up!!”.

Well, don’t let such moments overpower you. With the following astonishing advantages awaiting at the end of this struggle will surely keep you motivated till the very end.

1) A healthy choice for your brain:
Depending on how to function your brain, it can mold accordingly within an approximate period of three months. Based on the study by Swedish and German scientists concluded that people dealing with multiple languages showed increased brain mass which means they can use brain more than usual percentage. They have exceptional memory and multiple other advantages. As per psychologists, the bilingual kids showed exceptional working memory, execution functions, visuospatial span, cognitive quickness and conflict resolution. In short, multiple languages help keep brain work faster, accurately and have more robust mental capacities. Not only this, but it helps prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and just like any other muscles- using brain more keeps it healthy for a longer period.

2) Instill and enhance ability of multitasking:
Management is one the most essential skill in present time. Learning multiple languages allows various parts of the brain to remain active. According to a study from Pennsylvania State University, the brain dealing with multiple languages are proficient at converting from one language system to another. This ability helps individual to reduce stress and handle multiple jobs simultaneously without confusing them.

3) Ability to look thoroughly:
With multiple languages running in brain, it becomes keen to details on grammar, sentence formation and other minutiae. This helps the brain to automatically look in detail of everything. This helps you maintain a clearer vision in very action you come across. This further helps in making better decisions, interpreting meaning, judging nuances.

4) Amplify Networking Skills:
In multiple surveys and studies, one of the common and highlighted the benefits of multiple languages is how it helps a person to increase the social circle. It allows people to be more flexible and approachable by people. provides them a broader vision of life, which helps them respect other people’s opinions and actions. Learning foreign languages gives birth to a totally new vision which helps in connecting people of different mindsets without any judgments.

5) Open opportunities in multiple fields:
Usual researches and surveys like Eton Institute’s Language Development in the Workforce survey (September 2014) showed that multilingual individuals have more scope in organizations. However, there are multiple other perspectives which multilingual

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