LiveTV streaming is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. There are tons of LiveTV streaming apps out there flooding the internet. We've covered many of these apps including ThopTV for pc, Area51 IPTV, and other apps like ThopTv.
These applications have recently become very popular. There was a public request that many of these applications be covered on our website. Our team examined such applications with no dangerous files. Here we present the best and most feature-rich of the best ThopTV alternatives for Android and pc.

Top ThopTV Alternatives for Android

1. Hotstar mod apk:

Hotstar MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is one of the most popular streaming player apps in the world. You can find the most popular sports and TV shows in India. More people are joining these popular streaming platforms than ever. However, not everyone can. That's why you can have local and foreign content freely combined in one at Hotstar! This is the newest Netflix killer in this country.

Hotstar Mod features APKLIVE Sports including Vivo IPL 2021. If you don't want to, download it for free now and enjoy thousands of free videos!

2. Oreo TV apk:

Oreo TV apk is one of the best ThopTv alternatives to free live TV app for Android devices and very fashionable among people who want to watch live TV for free. Not only does it offer high quality content, it makes it available for free. You will see your favorite program, show or film live. Otherwise, you can download it to your phone and watch it later whenever you can.

You can also create a favorites list to showcase your favorite shows and easily access them at any time. Offers an additional function to stream content in the quality you want, at Full HD 1080p, 2K and even 4K.The latest oreo tv for pc app 1.6 offers a wider TV channel than the ThopTV app Oreo tv is constantly updated to watch the latest tv channels, shows and even Ipl 2021 for free LiveNet TV

3. APKLiveNet TV:

APKLiveNet TV APK is also one of the best ThopTV alternative. You have to have something special and unique about it. This APK is amazing and has some features that no other app currently has such as: B. the ability to create a custom favorites list that is useful in several ways and supports 800+ live TV channels worldwide, no account required and more.

A dedicated guide for the LiveNet TV APK is in the works and will be available shortly. It also has the usual functions. including the ability to stream movies, play HD quality content, low lag, and more; Because of its unique features and performance, we ranked it number 2 on our list of the best ThopTV alternatives.

4. Tea TV:

Tea TV I've decided to save the best for last, why not? TeaTV is like a Thop TV replica except for the background color and logo, and both apps are sure to completely change your perception of free streaming apps. As a safe / unsafe function, you can filter content by age. Reminder notification, which allows you to set reminders when a live movie or soccer match is available, shows you that Tea TV will be around for a long time.
It also offers a live TV function, just like Thop TV, and is accessible worldwide. Next time, don't miss a live sporting event, no matter which region of the world you're from.


AOS TV APK for Android devices to watch your favorite cricket, soccer, Kabbadi, NBA and TV shows, episodes, latest movies, news and more. This APK is one of the most popular IPTV TV streaming apps. AOS TV was specially developed for Asians because it is channels from all Asian countries. Watch live TV channels on your Android smartphone thanks to AOS TV.

Because of the applications that use the IPTV protocol, which gives us the ability to broadcast TV signals over the Internet, we watch soccer games, news or other live programs. AOS TV is an application that has the above equivalent and the best ThopTV alternatives for live TV.


The above article will help you to download and enjoy the ThopTV alternative apps for android and for PC. I hope you enjoyed these excellent Thoptv alternatives that work like a charm. If you think we missed any other similar app like ThopTV that might be on this list, please comment below.

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