Smartphones and the internet are no more a luxury in Pakistan. As the common man got access to these things during the last couple of years, the trend of getting news from TV or newspapers is changing rapidly in the country. Today, a huge chunk of viewers watch Pakistani TV news channel online on their smartphones or personal computers rather than watching it on TV.  

Apart from the availability of the internet and smartphones, several other factors are also stimulating this changing trend. Many individuals are too busy to find spare time to sit in front of the television to watch news. They prefer watching headlines from YouTube as it is time saving for them. Moreover, unlike TV, watching news online is time flexible. You don’t have to cut short your work to get free to watch prime time news bulletin. You can watch any news bulletin on different news websites anytime. You can get 24/7 updates through online news platforms.

Following are some of the best platforms to watch live news online in Pakistan.


Perhaps YouTube is the best platform to news channels live. Almost every news channel is available on YouTube and they offer live streaming services there. YouTube streaming is steadier and faster than other platforms. Even with slow internet speed, you can enjoy live streaming on YouTube.

Goonj TV

Next on our list is Goonj TV. Live streams of all the famous news channels of Pakistan including 24News HD, 92 News, Express News, and City42 are available on Goonj TV. They also offer their android application for those who like to watch live TV on smartphones. In addition to live news, Goonj TV also offers a variety of content including drama series and movies to satisfy the needs of its online users.


Humariweb is one of the most visited Pakistani web news portals. The website was launched in 2007 and soon got popular. Humariweb claims that currently, 3 million visitors visit the website every month. Besides live news, Humariweb also features live cricket scores, Islamic content, and articles about current affairs.

Jazz TV

Jazz TV is another online TV platform to watch Pakistani TV news channel. Jazz TV features live streaming of more than 60 TV channels. All the big news channels of Pakistan are available on Jazz TV. With Jazz TV mobile application you can turn your smartphone into television anytime and enjoy exciting live streaming of different news channels.

Official Websites of News Channels

You can also watch live news by visiting the official websites of famous news channels. All the famous news channels of Pakistan provide live streaming services on their official websites. Following are the some of the popular new channels that provide live streaming on their official websites.

I.    ARY News

II.    24 News HD

III.    Geo News

IV.    Samaa News

V.    Duniya News

VI.    Express News

VII.    92 News HD

Summing up the discussion, we can say that traditional ways of getting news are rapidly changing. TV and newspapers are losing their popularity to online news platforms. In the ongoing decade, this trend will gain more pace. Thus, every news channel gives significant importance to its online availability and tries to make it easier for users to access its live stream. 

To watch Pakistani TV news channel, you have several options to choose from. Along with live news, most of these platforms also feature recorded shows, blogs, and articles about current affairs. Live streaming of famous news channels is free but to access other features you may have to pay the subscription fee on some of the these platforms.

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