Best NCLEX Review Courses

National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is one of the testing requirements that you must
fulfill to be registered as a vocational or practical nurse. The examination
was established by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) to
measure the competency of beginner nurses. However, before registering, there
are some things you need to know about this examination.

What you should know about this Examination

The test focuses on three core areas. The first area is the safe and effective care environment.
This is all about controlling infections and maintaining hygiene. The second
aspect is the maintenance and promotion of health. It deals with your ability
to cope up with the stress that comes along with being a nurse. The last aspect
is the physiological integrity which focuses on your ability to deliver
competent nursing care. It accounts for up to 67% of the questions in the exam.

Which are the Best Programs to consider?

Several organizations provide NCLEX review courses online. They allow unlimited access
to thoroughly updated content to help improve your skills. If you are searching
for one, then it is vital to pick a program that befits your background and
learning style. As an enthusiastic nurse, here are the top 5 best NCLEX Courses
review options that will help prepare you for the test
1. Brilliant Nurse

What makes Brilliant Nurse unique is their extensive library and mobile platform. If you want a program that fits your on-the-go needs, then Brilliant Nurse has it all. They guarantee you success through their custom learning tools. Their platform features an adaptive test tool that can help you personalize your learning and
focus on your weak areas. This helps to eliminate guesswork and aid you concentrate on what really matters.

2. CrushNCLEX

CrushNCLEX provides comprehensive practice questions and other preparatory materials to
help you prepare for your exam. They provide evidence-based learning materials
that can help both nursing and other medical enthusiasts pursue their careers.
They also offer free guides, email support, video lessons, performance analysis
and review questions. CrushNCLEX offers affordable learning packages i.e. Basic
($79.99 per month) and Gold (159.99 per three months). Other packages include
the platinum ($199.99 for 6 months) and Lifetime for $249.99. Their videos are
great and have been customized to make it easy to master concepts. Their
teaching style is passionate and energetic.

3. Kaplan

Kaplan offers exam prep that can be taken as a live online course or self-paced program. They
provide access to an exhaustive library of diagnostic and exam-focused
questions. Besides, they also feature readiness tests that come with instant
instructor feedback. Alongside their program is a printed course book. Their
live courses include live interaction with competent nursing instructors. So,
you can enjoy video chatting, audio, and even screen sharing. Their live
courses go for $499. In case you don’t pass the exam, you are guaranteed a full
refund or three-months of free learning.

4. GraduateX

GraduateX offers you a 12-month access to their courses. This is an ample time to get you
prepared for the final exam. They also have groups, forums and support where
you can ask questions and get answers. If you aren’t satisfied with their
service, then you can get a refund of your money.

5. Boards Vitals

Board Vitals provide all-inclusive and updated practice questions that have been customized
to fit all your learning needs. Besides, they can give you practice questions
based on areas that need extra learning. You can also get review on your
overall progress.


Waiting for the last minute can cost you. Start preparing early and choose the right online
review course that fits your learning style. Additionally, you can organize
study groups to help you stay focused. Finally, consider eating and drinking
well to help maintain a healthy mind and body for you to concentrate better.
The above are the best courses for NCLEX review to consider.

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