Every patient who seeks breast augmentation surgery has their own reasons. For many, it is more than just an aesthetic decision, but one that can improve or impact their entire life and well-being. With any breast surgery, the plastic surgeon should take the patient’s entire figure into account to help the patient choose the ideal implant size and shape for her. In addition to this, the reasons for seeking surgery and the benefits they want from it, matter too.

Here are five benefits of breast augmentation

#1: Accentuate Feminine Curves

Many women seek the ideal ‘S-shaped’ body with the breasts and buttocks forming the necessary curves. Of course, women can be beautiful with or without these curves, but many women born with smaller breasts lament that they are unable to achieve the S-shape naturally.

Placing breast implants can help them achieve the figure they want without exaggerating their features. In this case, a surgeon may steer a patient towards breast implants that fit her natural frame and size. Tools that use 3D imaging are helping both plastic surgeons and patients choose breast implants that perfectly fit a patient’s body while also achieving their cosmetic goals.

#2: Regain Volume Loss After Pregnancy & Aging

Throughout a woman’s life, the breasts tend to lose and gain volume based on several factors. Pregnancy and subsequently nursing causes the breasts to get larger, but then they often deflate after nursing ceases. Aging also causes volume loss all around the body and gravity’s effects become more obvious with time. This can lead to breasts that sag and have less volume overall.

Breast implants can restore this volume lost from pregnancy and aging. If sagging is minor, it sometimes can provide a slight lift too. Though, many patients undergo a concurrent breast lift to provide both perky and volumized breasts. Regardless, breast augmentation surgery can help restore fuller, more youthful-looking breasts.

#3: Correct Asymmetric Breasts

Every woman naturally has asymmetrical breasts. However, the difference between them is usually not too noticeable or troublesome. Some women have extreme asymmetry though where each breast is completely different breast size. This can make it difficult to find bras and clothing. In rare cases, it can even cause back problems in the future. Primary care doctors sometimes even recommend breast surgery for these patients.

With a Bellevue breast augmentation, a surgeon can use two different-sized implants to even out the breasts. It also provides a slight increase in volume which most patients see as an added bonus. The procedure helps them fit into bras, clothing, and swimsuits better without worrying about having to special order, stuff one side of their bra, or try on countless bras to find the one that works best.

#4: Improved Mental Health

Due to many of the conditions and situations mentioned above, patients sometimes experience declines in self-confidence or mental health. It can also exacerbate existing mental health conditions. This is especially true for patients with certain deformities, who had one or both breasts removed, or those who saw significant volume loss after pregnancy.

Kirkland plastic surgery—including breast augmentation surgery—can help patients find renewed confidence and feel happier in their bodies. While it will not cure existing mental health conditions, it can alleviate stress concerning changes or insecurities in their breasts.

#5: Reconstruct Breasts After Mastectomy

Mastectomy—or the removal of the breasts—is typically a treatment for breast cancer. Though, some people at high risk of developing it may proactively have their breasts removed. Even though this is necessary medical care, it can be challenging for one’s self-esteem, confidence, and well-being.

Therefore, many women who have a mastectomy later seek out a Bellevue breast augmentation to recreate their curves without bra inserts. This can be extremely gratifying for patients and completely change their life for the better after such a challenging experience.


Breast augmentation carries many benefits. Every woman seeking the procedure is unique and the best breast augmentation surgeons cater their surgery to each individual patient. This helps ensure better results and happier patients. Breast augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all surgery. Each patient deserves individualized and high-quality care.

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Dr. Allegra is board-certified by multiple specialty groups. He has extensive experience in evaluating and treating a wide range of problems and concerns, both medical and cosmetic. His skills and techniques bridge the gap between the functional and the aesthetic.