Apart from their home and car keys and wallet, the smartphone is another item people can’t leave behind when stepping out. In addition, the latest smartphones come with imaginable features. To make the most from thee features requires having appropriate add-ons. Having the right accessories is the best way to make the most of the various smartphone features.

Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale

Here’s a catch

To a cell phone accessories storeowner, stocking the right accessories means big business. There’s high potential to make good money selling these to customers. You just have to find quality accessories for Android and Apple devices. Below is a guide on the phone accessories that smartphone owners must have to sell in your store.

Attachable lens camera

Today people use their phones for more than browsing the internet, receiving and making calls, and checking social media. There are people who live off their phones such as social media influencers who have to take a photo here and there for posting on Instagram. Such people need stronger cameras on their phones. Therefore, they will appreciate an attachable lens to enhance the quality of their phone camera.

Wireless charger

People today spend a lot of time on their smartphones. However, there’s a risk of the phone going unexpectedly off. This is where a wireless charger comes in. This is designed to offer fast charging with sleek features. A wireless charger is a good alternative to carrying a power bank. This charger charges a phone on any supporting surface. Wireless charging is the most convenient way to get charge a phone making it a good alternative to traditional charging. Therefore, when purchasing cell phone accessories wholesale, you can’t miss wireless chargers.

Screen protector

Another accessory that smartphone owners can’t do without is a tempered glass screen protector. This keeps the phone screen safe from breaking and damage resulting from an external force. The protector is very efficient in absorbing scratches to make the screen look new always. Screen protectors are a must-have accessory for phone owners since replacing the screen is very expensive. Ensure to find a distributor with quality and durable protectors that are easy to install or replace when they no longer serve their purpose.


These have become an essential accessory for phone owners who enjoy listening to music, podcasts, radio, watching videos on the phone. Purchasing good quality headphones is a good idea to replace the low-quality ones included when purchasing the phone. Ensure to find a distributor with quality and durable headphones that will give your customers the best quality audio.

Waterproof phone case

Phone owners invest in quality waterproof phone cases to keep their gadgets safe from any kind of moisture. The phone case also keeps the phone protected during an accident or fall. Additionally, phone cases are designed with clasps and cushioning to lock the phone safely keeping it protected. Therefore, offering quality waterproof cases will fetch you some good money.
Bottom line

There are many phone accessories on the market. However, knowing what sells faster is a good idea. Hope by now you’ve got a clear picture of accessories that customers are likely to buy more from your store. all you have to do is to find a reliable supplier with quality products.

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