Some people reckon that getting that notorious six-pack is extremely hard to achieve. Well, on the one hand, it is, but on the other hand not so. The point is, no matter the effort and work you put into an exercise, you won't be able to gain results unless you change your bad daily habits, improve your nutrition, and sleep more. That's right, and actually, above all, it really does take time and patience. When you strive to achieve fantastic results with any kind of exercises, especially abdominal, you need to have a certain thing in mind: goal! The final result has to be your motivation. Having that in mind, read on and implement these workouts in order to get totally wrecking abdominal abs.

1. Put pressure on the muscles




Although there are numerous exercises connected to the stomach and abdominal muscles, it is not so hard to rule out those that will undoubtedly give the best results. There are a few work effective workouts that put pressure on the abdominal muscles and strengthens them. You don't have to literally "put" pressure like a weight on the muscles, but use your whole body as an exercise tool. One exercise that is responsible for achieving fantastic abdominal muscles is the plank. For plank exercise you don't need any equipment, you can't do it anywhere and at any time. Simply lie face down on the ground, make sure that your elbows are aligned underneath your shoulders and your hands balled up in fists, then raise yourself in order to do a plank. By doing 10 reps of 5 minutes per day, you will notice the result in no time. Similarly, you can do a wall-sit, that puts pressure both on your abdominal muscles and legs, and it functions on the same principle as the plank, only you need to place your back straight against the wall.

2. Do active cardio workouts




If you mightn't think doing excessive cardio can make your abs look sensational, you are utterly mistaken. Cardio workout is basically the pivotal thing or the base workout for getting perfect abdominal muscles. Cardio exercises are great for everything, for stamina, energy, losing weight, shaping your tone, and strengthening your muscles. Always the first start with doing a few active warm-ups like running, jumping jacks, or cycling. Then, follow up with doing a session of 1-minute sprint running in a combination of 10 reps of squats or planks while you take a break. Finish up your workout with fast-paced skipping rope exercise. By regularly incorporating cardio exercise into your daily workout schedule, you can easily burn extra calories, reduce belly fat, get energized, and speed your way to a set of six-pack abs.

3. The majestic sit-ups




Most of Australians, who go to the gyms and do classical workouts, are acquainted with the benefits of weight lifting for arms, shoulders, and stomach muscles. Little do they know that basic sit-ups can do wonders for improving the abdominal muscles. That is right! Plain sit-ups can give you an outstanding six-pack and, if done properly, your stomach will look perfectly formed. Everybody can do sit-ups no matter where they train, is it at a local gym, or at the comfort of your home. Even those people who have undergone abdominoplasty surgery at some of the cosmetic clinics in Canbera can after the recovery have perfect muscles. To get top results you had better do a mix of the following sit-ups exercises. The first exercise is the cannonball. Basically, you lay down and pull your body up in the cannonball-type, meaning you have to hug your knees, pulling them closer to your chest. The second is called dead bug, where you lay down face up while you place your arms straight above the shoulders. You should then pull and bend your knees in the 90-degree angle while simultaneous lowering your opposite arm above your head. These two exercises should be done in the interval of minimum 50 reps, or in combination with some other exercise to get those majestic abs.

4. Burpee




There is no better way to get muscle mass, definition, and abs than doing the famous military workout or burpee. Some believe that this form of exercise is pretty tough on the muscles, but on the contrary, as you have to move your entire body to perform a burpee, you end up reshaping all bodily muscles, including abs. Burpees provide innumerable benefits because they are one of the most versatile forms of exercise and, if done correctly, you can lose weight easily as well as gain muscles and get abs ad the same time. So, you have to do them correctly in order not to get hurt and to get the desired abs. Burpee is meddling of three exercises. First, you need to do a high jump, then you pull down in a squat position and then immediately push your legs and go into a pull-up position. In a way, it is a push-up, up-down and jumps all rolled up in one exercise. You work on shaping the shoulder, legs and abdominal muscles.


5. Twist and turn



By now, it is apparent that you can get perfect abdominal muscles by being persistent and hard-working. Also, even simple gym exercise can give you impeccable results. Another quite familiar and effective exercises for boosting and gaining foolproof abdominal muscles are those which require twisting and turning. Start with an easy form by squatting down, bending and holding your knees at 90 degrees and twisting your whole upper body to the left, then to the right. It might sound simple, but it does a miracle to the side abs. Next, lay down, but pull your chest slightly upwards, take a 10 kg weight and actively move the weight to the left and to the right side. Hitting the floor as you twist. Later you can upscale the difficulty and combine those exercises with cardio workouts and higher-intensity weights.


These exercises will surely bring results and utterly transform your abs when done correctly and properly. Only make sure that you keep up with the right diet and that you intake quality food and drink plenty of water, and the results will be bombastic.

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Mia Johnson is a freelance writer with a ten-year long career in journalism. She has written extensively about health, fitness, and lifestyle. A native to Melbourn, she now lives in Sidney with her 3 dogs where she spends her days writing and taking care of her 900 square feet garden.