There is no better time to launch your own business. I admire those who are willing to step out on faith and start living the life that we all deserve. I believe that we can only get this satisfaction by being self reliant and that means being self employed.

So if I may give a few steps to take before you decide to start your own business

Step 1.) Find your passion

Step 2.) Make sure there is a target market for your passion

Step 3.) Test target market by promoting affiliate products before creating your own products

Step 4.) If your affiliate product converts well, meaning your test results were good, it's now time to develop your own product or service and build your business.

Never go into a business venture assuming that there is a market for a business idea that you've never tested. You will only be wasting your time and not to mention your money. You hear of all the horror stories about business failing in their first year and I'm sure that market testing plays a major role in that. You can't be lazy when testing! If you are starting out with affiliate programs you should be okay.

A simple way to test your market is to do a Google search with the related keywords that your potential prospects would use when searching for your product. Like in real estate, it's all about location, location, location. Well when it comes to internet marketing it's all about testing, testing and more testing!

Note: I wrote this in regards to starting a business online but you can use these tips if you desire to start a traditional brick and mortar business too.

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