For some, true freedom is defined as being “able to do what you want, when, with whomsoever, wherever and however you want”. Others described it as "being able to wake up when you finished sleeping!”. The most common road taken to such freedoms as described above is by becoming an entrepreneur.

There are generally four major benefits of being an entrepreneur. They mostly explain why anyone would want to face the risk and frustration of owning a business. Starting a new business involves investing in substantial resources, chief of which is money. The initial learning curve is steep, many things can go wrong and a new business owner has to learn things fast to avoid failure.

So what are the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, to make all the frustrations and risks worth taking? Often, the best reason is being able to explore your true passion. (As opposed to dragging yourself everyday to a dead-end job) It may seem silly but sometimes this motivation alone would motivate a person to persist against great odds, when others give up, in the pursuit of his goals.

Secondly, desiring to be your own boss is a great motivation to start an enterprise. This is particularly if you are a self-reliant and independent person. To you, life is a risk and a business is no different. Thus ‘calling your own shots’ is very important and being an entrepreneur allows this.

Off course, if your business is successful, you would earn uncommonly more money than most. This would allow you to live a lifestyle associated with material wealth and success. Successful people are admired for their lifestyles; this reason, by itself, gives enough incentives for anyone to become an entrepreneur.

Should you make a lot of money and know how to turn them into solid assets, then your life of never having to worry about money i.e. financial freedom is achieved. Now, your assets would work for you; making you all the money you need. This reason alone would drive most men to take the risk of starting a new business.

To avoid the many risks and heavy outlays, many are now turning to Internet Marketing as the way to being an entrepreneur. Starting an internet marketing business mostly involves investment in time and can be done part-time. If you are looking to become an entrepreneur, the website provided in the author’s resource box points you to a valuable resource for learning how to master Internet Marketing. Wishing you all the best in your quest! Louis Lim

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“Any worthwhile journey in life, like the journey to financial freedom
begins with the first step….”

The first step to becoming an entrepreneur successfully begins with finding out how to do it.

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