It is no secret that the space around you affects your mood, and your home is supposed to be a place of comfort. If you are not feeling comfortable at home, it is time to evaluate your space and make the necessary changes. The first step is to figure out what it is about your space that is making you feel uneasy. Here are four ways your home environment may be influencing your mental health.

The Clutter in Your Living Room

The clutter around your living room makes you feel overwhelmed because there is a pile of toys, chargers and books wherever you turn. You can clear your mind by clearing out the clutter. Put the items that do not belong in the living room away, and donate or discard the items that are not worth keeping. You should only display photographs, artwork and decorative pieces that make you feel happy.

The Color of Your Walls and Decor

A carefully chosen color scheme is important for creating a positive environment. You can create a calm, peaceful atmosphere at home by choosing shades of blue and green. The color purple evokes feelings of wisdom and creativity, which is great for your home office. Another idea is to use the color white to make your space feel bigger, but you may want to use colorful accents to keep the room from feeling boring.

The Arrangement of Your Furniture

Your scenery can also influence your mental health, so you may need a change of scenery at home. Boost your motivation by turning your desk to face the window instead of the door. Give your living room an airy feeling by placing your furniture near the wall instead of the center of the room. When you rearrange a room, you are giving your mind a new perspective because it feels like a different place.

The Cooling and Heating System

It is possible for a separate cooling and heating system to cause you stress. You are paying extra for a system that takes up more space in your home than necessary. Reduce your stress by switching to a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit. This energy efficient unit takes up less space because it includes the cooling and heating functions. The best part is your home is always set to a comfortable temperature.

Your environment makes a big impact on your mood, so it is important to create a home environment that improves your mental health.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.