Proofreading is an integral part of completing an undergraduate or PhD dissertation. Some of you may even opt for dissertation proofreading services due to a time crunch. A dissertation can take months or even years to complete. Wouldn’t it matter to you if you lose valuable marks from this paper due to silly errors? So it is mandatory to proofread your dissertation before submitting the final document. Here are the top four ways you can proofread this document with ease.

1. Take a day or two before proofreading
You shouldn’t start proofreading the document the day you completed writing it. Your brain would still remember what you wrote in the dissertation. Thus, you may not be able to notice the mistakes that you made in the paper. You need to provide an opportunity for your brain to forget what you wrote in the dissertation
This takes time. So it is better to opt for dissertation proofreading services if you have urgent deadlines. Plan ahead and place your order at a time when the companies can take your order.

2. Look at the overall structure.
Proofreading isn’t just limited to checking spellings, punctuation and grammar. You should also check out the overall structure of your document. Every year, many students lose valuable marks because of an incorrect structure in their dissertations. Different universities have different guidelines when it comes to the structure. However, the basic structure includes an introduction, some 3-4 body paragraphs and a conclusion.
Read the dissertation thoroughly to check if there is a logical flow of your arguments. You can avail reliable assignment proofreading services if you don’t have the time to check so many factors.

3. Check the consistency
You may write a 100, 000-word long dissertation for the semester. Make sure every concept, capitals and even hyphenation are consistent throughout your paper. You should even treat your numbers the same way throughout the dissertation. If you have used British English in the document, make sure you use the same convention throughout your work.
You can use Find and Replace to check the consistency in your dissertation. It helps you take care of things like double spaces, unnecessary spaces before punctuation, etc.

4. Ensure your document is plagiarism-free
It is obvious to use someone else’s research work in your dissertation. But, you should also give proper credit to the original author of that work. You can’t just pass off someone else’s work as your original in the dissertation. You should also make sure pictures, graphs, websites, tables, etc. aren’t plagiarised.

There are a plethora of plagiarism checkers out there on the Internet. Pick a reliable one and check for the plagiarism in your document. The most reliable plagiarism checker for students is the Turnitin Plagiarism Checker.

Besides checking for spelling and grammar, these are the aspects you should also consider while proofreading a dissertation. If required, you can read out your work aloud. This will help you listen to what you have written in the paper. If any sentence sounds absurd, you can change it right then.

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