Being arrested for a crime is a traumatic experience that few other life events can compare to. Getting handcuffed and led away in front of friends, family or coworkers is hurtful and humiliating as you’re stripped of your freedom and personal possessions. It is a frightening situation that can leave you feeling disoriented and helpless. If you find yourself in this position, here are some important things to do that will help improve your situation after your arrest.

Call an Attorney

There is a reason that even attorneys hire attorneys. An arrest can lead to clouded judgment and critical mistakes that play a role in whether you spend time in jail or prison, or navigate your way through the justice system in a way that minimizes the negative impacts to your life.

Maneuvering through the criminal justice legal system is difficult and confusing to those who aren’t experts in that field. The safest course of action is to admit that you do not have the upper hand in the situation and seek the aid of a seasoned attorney who can offer sound guidance regarding your rights and options, and represent you in court.

Make Bail

Depending on the offense you’re arrested for, one of the only options for getting out of jail may be by way of posting bail. Bail is a sum of money, paid by cash or with a written bond, which allows the release of someone who has been arrested, acting as a sort of guarantee that the arrestee will comply with future expectations, including but not limited to showing up for court dates.

Keeping in mind that the clock is ticking and there is a deadline for posting bail, look for bail bond services that are available 24 hours a day for clients who need bail bond services.

Silence Is Golden

After an arrest, it may be tempting to talk to others about what happened, especially in instances where the arrest felt unjust or unwarranted. Resist the urge to talk to anyone except your attorney about the matter. Posting even the smallest seemingly insignificant details on social media, or sharing with family or friends who may be called as witnesses can potentially work against you. Be completely honest with your attorney and maintain tight lips outside of the attorney-client privilege relationship.


If you are guilty of the crime you’ve been arrested for, now may be a good time to do some soul searching. Perhaps you have issues or habits that need to be addressed and changed to avoid repeating the situation. Seek help immediately if that is the case. Get involved in wholesome community causes that can lead to new and higher perspectives on life and open doors of opportunity. These activities can also help your defense by showing humility and remorse for the crime committed.

While being arrested can be wounding for you and those who care about you, being proactive and knowing what action to take can help lessen the lasting effects it has on your life. We all have missteps in life and an arrest has the potential of being a negative experience turned life-augmenting lesson.

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