Facebook is the most widely used social media network. There are almost 2 billion monthly active users of Facebook according to stats. If you talk with 100 people around you, you will find that almost 92 people are using Facebook.

Many celebrities and brands have their pages and accounts on Facebook which are very important for the brand owners and for the celebrities. A lot of people are making money using Facebook as well.

Many people have their personal details and family information on the Facebook profile. If someone gets access to your account without your permission, then your privacy and security would be at risk. So, it is very important to make your Facebook account secure and keep the hackers away from your Facebook account.

Here are the 4 ways which can save your account together and can make it secure.

Make Your Password Complicated

Most of the Facebook accounts are hacked just because the user set a simple password that is easy to guess for his friends or family members. Or for those who can access to some basic information of that person can easily guess the password by hit & trial method.

It is important not to use your own name or information which is directly related to you as your password. Try to use the password that consists of upper and lower case letters, it should have special characters and some digits as well. The more you make your password complicated, the more your Facebook account is secured.

Use Facebook only at Your PC or Mobile

It is important to use the Facebook account only on the PC which you own and on the mobile which is yours. Don’t log in on a stranger’s computer. It might be possible that the computer at an internet cafe has some spy software which can get your password and then anyone can log in to your Facebook account.

Recognize Phishing Sites

Phishing is the most common method which is used worldwide to get access to login details for different websites. There are many hackers who hack Facebook password online instantly for free using the phishing sites. These sites look exactly like the Facebook’s homepage.

The first thing you should do is always type the Facebook URL in your browser’s address bar. Never log in to your Facebook account by clicking on a link which encourages you to log in to your account. Then you should carefully read the URL in the address bar of your browser. It should be exactly the Facebook.com’s URL. If it is something like facebook.myblog.com then never log in to that page. It is a phishing page.

Add Extra Layers of Securities

Facebook takes care of the privacy and security of its users. Facebook provides different layers of securities to make your account secure. You should know these simple settings and should apply to your account so that you can keep the hackers away from your Facebook account.

* Login Notifications: Facebook sends you instant notifications whenever your account is accessed from a new location. You can set these settings from the security tab. You can opt to the options of getting these notifications through email, Facebook notifications and SMS notifications. You must activate these notifications so that you could be notified whenever someone login to your account. You can take an appropriate action instantly to get your account back before it is too late.

* Two-Factor Authentication: You can use two-factor authentication which is very useful. If you are using this authentication method then even if someone gets your username and password he or she won’t be able to log in to your account. Facebook will ask for an authentication code after the user provides an exact password on a new device. There are two types of these authentication methods.

o Text Messages: The person who log in to your account from a device which you don’t authorize, will have to provide a code which Facebook will send to your provided mobile number. When you get hacked, a person will try to use a device to log in to your account which was not in your use and you never authorized that device. When he or she enters your log in details, Facebook will ask him to provide the 6 digit code. That code will be received on your mobile. So, when you receive such a code, you should change your password because you should understand that if you didn’t try to log in then there might be some hacker.

o Recovery Codes: You can also get some recovery codes and save those codes on your mobile device or can save those codes in your email. You can also save those codes in your diary. Whenever you log in from a new device, you have to enter one of the codes you saved. One code can only be used once. The hacker will not have those codes so he will not be able to access your account.

These are the four simple tips for you and you can make your Facebook account 100% secure from hackers using these tips. If you need to know more about Facebook security you can ask us using the comments form provided below.

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