Australian summer is known to be hot and muggy. If you are planning for a road trip this summer, it's better to schedule your trip time wisely to avoid the glaring effect of the sun. An early start to the trip and return before time can ease your stress and make your journey comfortable.

For new drivers, driving during summer is a bit difficult. Sunrays can distract the vision of any driver and increase the risks of confronting life-threatening collisions on road.

So if you are planning to head out for a road trip this summer holiday, check out a few nifty tips before taking charge of the steering.

  • Keep Your Car in Good Health

Regular tune-ups, oil refilling, tire checks will minimise chances of vehicle breakdown or the need to opt for roadside assistance. Keep an eye on the condition of your car tyres and check whether they have worn out, or have become under-inflated.

During summer, high temperature and humidity prevail in most parts of Australia and if you don’t inflate your vehicle tyres as required, it can blow out while driving and leave you stranded on the road.

  • Consider the Road Conditions

Driving during summer comes with its own hazards like potholes, and that's why a major portion of the driving lessons in Liverpool cover the guidelines of how to drive safely on uneven roads. Moreover, newly repaired roads don’t have the tenacity to bear the glare.

Once the surface of the roads gets heated up, they loosen the chippings and cause them to flick up on other cars. Moreover, loose chippings can mess up the intricate underbody components of your vehicle and put your favourite road companion's life at stake. In case you drive on newly repaired roads, it's better to slow down the speed of your car.

  • Avoid Distractions While Driving

Researches have revealed that most car accidents occur due to distracted driving. The reason behind car collisions may not be lack of expertise, eating or speaking over the phone all the time.

Too much glare and heat on the windscreen of your car can be a major cause of distraction as well. So, if you are planning for a road trip, it’s better to schedule your driving time taking into consideration the ease and comfort so that you don’t end up with a mishap.

  • Keep Safe Distance from Cars

Summer road trips are exciting at times when there are no possibilities of rain or thunderstorms. Whether new or an experienced driver, the professional instructors of driving school in Liverpool always recommend keeping a safe distance from cars to minimise chances of collisions. A responsible driver must have proper observatory skills to see the hazards that may lie ahead of the road and act sensibly to avoid accidents.

Final Words

It's good to enjoy your summer holidays by heading out on a road trip. However, if you are yet to master the art of safe driving, it's better to go through the safety tips guided by professional driving instructors in Liverpool so that you don’t end up with car crashes on road.

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The author is a driving instructor in Liverpool by profession and associated with a reputed driving school in Liverpool that offers advanced driving lessons in Liverpool to beginner drivers of all age groups at a reasonable package.