Many people dream of owning a homestead, but that type of property requires an incredible amount of work. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s an unattainable goal, even for the busy individual. Here is a quick glimpse at some tips and tricks that homesteaders can use to maintain their properties when they are short on time.

Invest in the Right Equipment

As your homestead continues to expand, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment. Trying to tackle huge projects with hand tools is only going to waste your time and frustrate you. Investing in heavy equipment like backhoes and Farmall Tractors will cost you a more than hand tools would initially, but that machinery could end up saving you thousands of hours of work. As an added bonus, heavy machinery often lasts for decades with the proper maintenance while hand tools will need to be regularly replaced.

Simplify Your Crops

Growing a diverse array of produce might seem like a good idea initially, but every species has slightly different requirements. Tending to dozens of different species throughout the year can be an overwhelming task for even the most seasoned homesteaders. If you are short on time, then you should probably stick to a few basic plants that are relatively easy to grow. Once you have mastered growing those species, you can then branch out.

Partner with Other Homesteaders

Many homesteaders love working with one another, and some locals in your area might be interested in partnering with you. An example of that would be having a single homesteader tend to all of the milk cows while another focuses on the crops. You also have the option of splitting the farming tasks with another homesteader in your area and then sharing everything that is grown.

Skip the Larger Livestock

One of the most common mistakes that new homesteaders make is trying to raise a wide variety of animals at once. While you should eventually be able to expand to different livestock, you will most likely need to focus on a few smaller animals at first. As a general rule, chickens tend to be one of the easiest animals to raise, and they are going to provide you with an incredible amount of meat and eggs throughout the year.

If you have tried these tips and still feel as if you are falling behind, then it might be time to hire a little extra help. Having someone come help you a few hours a week could free up quite a bit of your time and greatly reduce your stress levels.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches.