It is of course about the word of God / Message in your church, but sitting comfort is also important. Church seats are in many designs, like your church members, nobody is right and everyone experiences seating comfort differently. But of course, it is not possible to purchase a separate "custom" chair for each member of the community, you can give your home a personal and unique touch? Call the big well-known furniture stores and go for vintage! The fun of vintage is that it can be combined with almost any interior style. Even with hyper modern or classic. Refurbishing vintage furniture for a church sometimes takes some time, but it's worth it.

Can you still use some help with that recovery? In this article, we give you four handy tips for refurbishing the furniture so that you can add a unique item to your interior.

The search for a nice piece of furniture or church pews has to do with a bit of luck, the right timing and the right place. The most beautiful and budget proof copies can be found through or in the retail shop. Before starting your mission, first, read this article with handy tips for buying furniture.

1. Remove an old paint, paint or oil layer from a wooden furniture

Have you fallen in love with a piece of furniture or pews, but does the color or finish do not work out? Then you can give the church pews a completely different look by removing the old layer of paint, paint or oil. Old wax can be removed by brushing the furniture complete with a steel brush. To remove the paint layer, you have many different types of corrosive agents that allow you to rub the furniture. After drying, you can scratch the lacquer. In all cases, it is wise to clean the furniture with a sanding machine. Make sure that you always go with the wood nose. Have you completely sanded the furniture and do you really find the original wood the most? Then make the furniture completely dust free and protect the wood with a thin wax layer. This makes the wood darker.

2. Wood filler is your best friend

Whether you have bought beautiful old wooden boards for the floor, a beautiful wooden medallion chair or maybe even wooden pews: you can always use wood filler. Especially if you plan to paint the furniture. Wood fillers are a fusible product that, as you can imagine, fills holes in the wood. After a few hours, the filler is cured and can be sanded so that it seamlessly passes into the wood. Then the surface can be well painted.

3. A lint of textile paint

A new color can also make a world of difference. Especially with old lampshades or the fabric of, for example, a medallion chair, you have plenty of a piece of textile paint. Let the fabric soak in a bath of salt, textile paint, and warm water. Follow the instructions on the packaging and rinse it out very well.

4. Combine different furniture

Every day we search Pinterest for inspiration for our own interior. And during our search, we found a lot of combined furniture. For example, a bed with a vintage door as a main board or different cabinets as one wall furniture. We think the idea of ​​a desk with a single cabinet is really cool. Of course, with two different pieces of furniture, you have to have a little bit of amazement: they do not have to be exactly the same - it's actually an impossible task - but it's a bit of a match. This can also be achieved by painting or finishing the furniture with the same paint. Are you going to paint?

The true vintage effect can be achieved by using coarse sandpaper or a steel brush over the painted section. Focus especially on the corners and protruding parts, so it just looks like the paint of these parts has been worn. Secure the furniture securely by means of tight screws or metal connections and finish your unique furniture!

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Misty Jhones