Bipolar is a chronic disorder that causes extreme shifts in the mood of a person. It also effects the ability to think clearly and energy level. People suffering from disorder have low and high moods that are known as depression and mania. It is a severe mental condition, and if you notice the symptoms, it should not be left untreated. If the symptoms are not treated, they get worse over time.

The symptoms of the disorder are reduced need for sleep, racing and random thoughts, distraction, pressured speech and inflated self-esteem. People who are suffering from this disorder and display psychotic symptoms are often diagnosed wrongly because the symptoms are similar to schizophrenia.

Here are some of the mood management tips that can make it easier to deal with bipolar disorder.

Keeping Stress under Control:

One of the biggest triggers of the disorder is stress, and the best way of dealing with the disease is to relieve stress from personal and professional life. Do not try to do things that increase your stress level. Seek help from friends and family in activities that are too stressful for you. Try avoiding taking jobs that require long hours of work or a lot of travelling. You should try to include stress relieving activities such as meditation, yoga, visualization to make sure that your life is stress-free.

Developing a Routine:

If you want to control the mood swings, then you should create a schedule and stick to it. Following the same routine, every day will help in keeping the mood swings under check. People suffering from bipolar are not very good at dealing with changes. Develop a time table which ensures that you take meals, exercise, and do errands. The sleeping time should also be fixed so that the whole is appropriately scheduled.

Developing Healthy Sleeping Habits:

Sleep is important for making sure that you keep the disorder under control. Getting good sleep ensures that you do not get tired which helps in prevention of symptoms. Being too tired is also a trigger for mania. You should adopt healthy sleeping habits like listening to soft and soothing music, reading a book or taking a warm bath. They should make their bedroom a special place which is only reserved for relaxing and create a disciplined routine about sleeping. People suffering from the disorder often have the habit of staying up late and watching television or surfing internet. It can often lead to mood swings so try to change the habit by introducing healthy ones.

Avoid using Drugs, Alcohol or Caffeine:

You should consume caffeine because it is a stimulant that can keep you awake for long hours. Do not drink soda or coffee especially during night time. Alcohol and drugs are also responsible for creating mood swings, and it can act as a trigger so stay away from them. Try to lead a healthy life and stay away from all the things that have an adverse effect on your life.

You can manage your mood swings by applying these strategies in your life. These strategies will not cure the disorder, but the can help in the prevention of mood swings and lead a healthy life.

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