Why choose the webcasting and video conferencing? Today, thanks to the Internet, conferences evolve and become digitalized. The webcasting, actually "webcasting", is an English term resulting from the contraction of the words "web" and "casting". Suitcase, it offers an original formula, mixing interactivity and information.

Available online on registration, this multimedia seminar format can be followed live or replayed on the web (replay) through webcast service providers, in order to perfect its knowledge on current topics, mainly in the field of information technologies.

This new method of communication represents a powerful marketing lever, mainly in the B2B market. Increasingly appreciated in the world of business, it also has many advantages. More than an online conference, it is a real exchange between one or two speakers and listeners. Unlike a webinar where communication is one way (no reciprocity in the exchanges), the webcastingoffers the opportunity to interact with its target audience. This is truly a collaborative seminar where participants are invited to ask questions through an online chat.
I propose you to return to the 4 advantages of the webcastingfor companies, starting with the base of their expertise and the absence of constraints:

1. Time and money saving: zero travel inconvenience for participants. Indeed, no need to come from the province, to take the train, to pay a parking space ... Participants can come from all over the world, which is more difficult during a physical event. In this way, the webcastingopens up to a larger target, offering a much wider visibility opportunity.

• The audience is not limited by the size of the room!

• Speakers who intervene can be remote: no need to travel from France or abroad: everyone can stay at his post!

• Registration management and monitoring are permanent and immediate.

• The simplification of the logistics: no breakfasts, video projector, goodies, check-list, reception.

2. Webcasting platforms allow for rational monitoring: you will be able to obtain accurate statistics starting with the participation rate, the number of actual registrants, the time spent on the webinar, the commitment of the participants, their interest in a particular product or service, where they come from. All this will allow you to detect your strengths and weaknesses, but also to broaden the knowledge of your prospects to revive those most interested in your products/services.

These tools let you know the customer's interest and the engagement rate for your products or services. Finally, this is useful for refining the topics to discuss in your future webinars.

3. If it is recorded, the webcastingwill continue to be accessible online: offline (replay), simply fill a form, it allows future viewing.

4. Interactivity is increased and appreciated by all: it is a real innovation in the business field. A chat or comment system will allow the speaker to select the questions from the users and respond to them immediately, by establishing a direct link with them. They are thus taken into consideration and are therefore more involved in the lecturer's speech. The main goal of webinars is then interactive collaboration of different stakeholders. The goal is to create and distribute content that will participate in the reputation of the company and thus to retain customers.

In recent years, many companies have been using video conferencing Dubai and live webcasting services to share their experiences on a variety of topics. This is an opportunity to offer a great visibility on his company, but also on his vision of a subject.

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