Over the last couple of years, the vaping industry has really grown and unlike a decade ago, more people are embracing the vaping and leaving the traditional smoking. According to reports by Forbes, as of 2016, the vaping industry had a revenue of about $4 billion per year and the figure is on the rise. Tobacco is one of the most profitable industry for years now. However, there are lots of people dying as a result of smoking tobacco. The governments have been trying to discourage the use f tobacco by raising the taxes in the industry. Despite the efforts, smokers won’t mind paying high due to the addiction they have in tobacco.

There are many people turning to vaping to get some nicotine that they are getting from cigarettes. Also, the vaping act stimulates smoking in a way that is comfortable for people who gave up traditional smoking.

As noted here, there is a lot to gain from vaping especially because it has a lot to offer and it favors those who would want to learn more about vaping. Among many other reasons, below are the four major reasons why vaping has become really popular over the last couple of years.

Its price makes is a great way of saving money.

Vaping is as expensive as you let it be. There are many vaping equipments that are designed for the individuals who cannot get enough of it. The more variety you acquire the more expensive it will be. If your goal is to save as much money as possible, then you can opt for the effective ways of saving money. You will be required to make an initial investment in the e-cigarette ad some e-juices. After that, you will realize that realize that you have significantly saved a lot of bucks compared to the traditional smoking. However, to avoid vaping, it is important that you should set a budget and in the long run, you will save a lot.


A number of people are getting into vaping as a way of getting a new hobby. The vaping manufacturers have various advances in technology that enables them to not only produce their own products but also lots of variety, coils, and tanks. Most of the vaping hobbyists enjoy tinkering with the e-cigarette. It is the same as the car enthusiasts how they enjoy popping the hood and messing around with it. For the vapers, they tend to spend more time messing around with the equipment than they do smoking it. It is great to watch how much vapor they are able to produce when they are tweaking their equipment as they fid on the best ways to improve it.

Vaping is healthier than the traditional smoking.

As much as FDA pointed out that vaping is not completely healthy, it is definitely way healthier and safer than the traditional smoking. There are numerous studies that have been carried out to prove the fact that traditional smoking exposes the user to a lot of conditions such as cancer, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s and many others. This is because the traditional cigarettes contain quite a number of chemicals which are often considered as carcinogenic. However, vaping greatly reduces the risk of getting these conditions.

There is a variety of vaping.

One of the biggest things setting vaping apart from cigarettes is the HUGE variety of different e-cigarettes that a person can choose from. Modern vapes come in a vast array of different sizes, colors, and shapes with features ranging from “temperature control” to “puff counters”. If you want a way to consume nicotine with almost unlimited personalization, vaping is for you. Don’t believe us? Some companies even let you mix and match different vape products to build custom mods. If you can dream it up, there is a vaping device for you. This is a big change from the standard “one size fits all” cigarette approach and it has made vaping attractive to a wider group of consumers.

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