Acquiring a healthy posture results in 4 majors benefits.

More energy
With an improved posture the body functions more effectively, thus requiring less effort to do daily tasks. A tall posture contributes to better breathing which in turn will improve the quality of sleep. That is why most people under care notes having more vitality. A study published in the British Medical Journal (1997) revealed that offering exercises to people suffering from chronic fatigue was beneficial.

- More flexibility
Exercises that focus on the posture will help to release the excessive tightness in the back and extremities. The body can be trained to function in a more relaxed way which will not only improve over all flexibility, it will help decrease the pain and stiffness associated with a tight body.

- A study conducted by Padmini Tekur showed that the practice of exercises (stretching, breathing with awareness of the body) improved flexibility and reduced pain. The study included 80 women suffering from chronic low back pain. 2 groups were formed: A control group where they did regular exercises, and an intervention group where they practiced breathing exercises and stretching poses. The conclusion was that after 7 days of training, the women in the intervention group did have better results than the women in the control group.

- Better Stress Management
Stress induced pain and discomfort is often a consequence of the accumulation of tension in the body, mainly in the back and rib cage. By decreasing the tightness in the back and enhancing the breathing volume, postural exercises allow the person to better deal with hard times.

- Increased Awareness of the body
Through the postural training the person learns to be more attentive to the body. That improved awareness will help to naturally adopt healthier positions throughout the day: proper seating at a desk, conscious walking, and generally smoother actions, which will help prevent future problems.

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