Addiction is a complex condition that affects not only the person who has it but the people around him or her. A lot of those who struggle with substance abuse, may it be alcohol or drugs, try a dozen of different treatments that might help them get their lives on track again.
One kind of treatment for those who have a desire to quit drinking or using is the famous 12-step approach to recovery which has been a classic model for a lot of support groups worldwide. This approach is largely centered on one's faith but it also welcomes atheists and agnostics.

However, like other kinds of treatments, the 12-step approach does not work for every individual. If you are one of those who prefer a secular type of approach to treating your addiction, look for a rehab that offers a non 12 step approach to recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction.
Here are some of the reasons for you to consider the non 12 step approach treatment:

It is based on positivity. The non 12 step approach focuses on the "CAN". This approach treats each person as an individual and it believes that an individual can focus on his or her goals and dream for a better future. The past behaviors do not define the person who wants to recover; self-improvement that is focused on positivity is their thing. Setbacks or relapses do not reverse an individual's progress to better himself. Unlike other treatments that are based on fear, punishment, or all-or-nothing approach, this one is based on self-love and positivity.

There is no religious pressure. Not everyone is religious, each person has a different belief system. For others, it may be centered on a specific deity or for some it can be based on philosophical views. Other kinds of treatments tend to revolve their programs around a monotheistic approach which requires their participants to follow religious practices. One of the reasons why these types of treatments fail to work is that some people aren't just wired to become monotheists and it becomes problematic for them in the long run. On the other hand, the non 12 step approach is not dependent on any religious belief system as it promotes free will and self-reliance.

It promotes moderation. Total sobriety is not the ultimate goal of this treatment. It does not focus on the idea that lifelong sobriety is the only path to happiness. That is why unlike other treatments this approach allows its participants to set their goals. They are the ones in-charge to determine their timelines, thus moderating substance abuse is preferred.

It also promotes independence. The non 12 step approach believes that a person will stop using substances when they realize that something they value more than the substance they're addicted to is in jeopardy. This belief empowers a participant to change on their own free will and on their own timeline.
The non 12 step program believes in the power of an individual to change their behavior with positivity and the right amount of moderation. Recovery from addiction is a hard road to take but it is important to not lose belief in yourself whatever path you may choose.

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