When it concerns the use of earth moving equipment at a construction site, it is often something that you take as an investment that is likely to bring in returns every time you grab a project for your company. Since these are heavy duty machinery and cannot frequently be replaced, there is the need to take the right care and conduct maintenance drives from time to time that would ensure that it stays intact while making you use it over and over again.

Regular maintenance of your excavation equipment is known to increase the longevity save up on the money where there are lesser breakdowns while saving your time for other productive issues.

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Make a Rule for Regular Maintenance

Quite often the people responsible for the use of this equipment tend to forget about the maintenance it requires because the focus often stays on the productivity. You could assign a particular employee as a part of the administrative department and create a log book or a virtual record where each of the equipment has a date set alongside when it would require an inspection. Here are the things that need to be looked into during these routines.

  • Checking the fluid levels, the condition of the tyres, leaks in fluid pipes and missing parts of the attachments.
  • The need for regular oil changes to ensure better lubrication as well as changing the brakes frequently to avoid sudden breakdowns.
  • Cleaning the surface as well as the undercarriage especially when the construction site is muddy and full of grime. Caked dirt of the equipment body can lead to corrosion when not cleaned and washed properly.

Conduct Training Sessions for Operators

Even though the operators who handle the construction equipment are capable of undertaking such tasks, there can always be a training session conducted where a representative from the manufacturer's end can come over and help out with the instructions. A demonstration where each operator is shown how to use it well and later tested for their knowledge on whether they have learnt what has been taught to them.

Follow Manufacturers' Guidelines to Use the Equipment

Even though most construction equipment has more or less similar methods of using the equipment, there is still the need to follow manufacturer's guidelines to ensure proper functionality. The excavation contractors in Brisbane suggest that whoever is making use of the equipment should be aware of the intricacies involved with the use of the machine as there are higher breakdown risks where there is the inability to make use of the equipment in the right manner. There are times when attachments to the construction equipment are mixed and matched which shouldn't be done as not all have the same functionalities and wouldn't work with sync.

Store the Equipment in the Right Place

Keeping them out in the open and letting it face the brunt of the weather does not go to construction equipment. The earthmoving contractors in Brisbane agree that every time the work is done, storing it in the designated place where there is a cover on top and the surroundings are dry ensure prevention of rusting and the equipment stays along for use.

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