Are you looking forward to sitting back and enjoying your new office space after a remodeling project? well, not so fast. Before you kick up your feet, post-cleaning is necessary. This eliminates dust layers from sticking to your freshly renovated office making it look dingy and old. The trick is to call a professional cleaning company offering post-construction service. You have to be aware of these handy 4 post-construction cleaning checklist activities for a finishing touch on your beautiful new space.
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Vacuuming carpets and upholstery

As construction is going on, it’s obvious that dust and dirt particles embed themselves in the upholstered furniture, curtains, and carpeted floors. After settling, your place will obviously look filthy with a likelihood of making employees and customers getting irritating reactions. All soft surfaces require vacuuming while paying close attention to detail. All furniture cushions and underlying frames need vacuuming more than once to eliminate any dust residual.

Wiping down hard surfaces

A post cleaning company will have to clean surfaces from the top down. This might include wiping the dust off the walls. These are likely to collect a lot of dirt during construction. The safest way to eliminate dust particles without damage to the wall surface is dry dusting. However, a damp cloth might help to clean dust on washable paint and wall covering. Professional cleaners can tell surfaces and the best way to clean them.

Moldings and cabinets are also resting spots for dust particles. A company offering cleaning service in Houston Texas will have a janitorial team to duster all those areas. These will clean the interior shelves of all cabinets with special attention to hard to reach corners. The team will wipe off countertops and flat surfaces before eliminating dirt and debris on or near the floor. Additionally, the cleaners will sweep any visible dust and mop all hard floors on all walls.

Cleaning air vents and replacing filters

During a large remodeling project, dust and debris mingle in the air finding its way into the vents. Cleaning the air vents and filters is important to lessen dust spreading to other parts of your workplace. This requires removing the vent covers from surrounding ceilings and walls and cleaning them using soap and warm water. All exposed air filters must be replaced before replacing the vent covers too. This protects your staff and customers from breathing dusty air that might encourage allergies and respiratory issues.

Minding about the little things too

Above are some of the obvious items to clean after a construction project. However, it’s important to clean other overlooked little things as well. these might include:



Light fixtures

Small appliances

Decorative items

Ceiling fan blades

Some tips tell the right professional cleaning company

Appropriate tools and equipment

When selecting a post-construction cleaning company, ensure to find one with the right tools and equipment for the job. Ensure to shop around for a company offering quality services at a fair price. Going for the cheapest quote might come with poor results in the long run. The right company must have carefully screened employees with appropriate training and experience in effective cleansing methods.

Insured and bonded

Another benchmark to choose a commercial cleaning company is to choose an insured and bonded cleaning agency. This gives peace of mind that there’s litigation in case your property is damaged or lost as the cleaners are doing their work. Additionally, it also gives peace of mind that you have no liability to cleaners’ safety while working. Ensure to find a cleaning company that does work for various sectors including warehouses, educational institutions, real estate, and commercial offices.

Brand reputation matters

Reputation is another quality service indicator to select the right commercial cleaning company. Researching the company’s reputation beforehand offers peace of mind especially when working with the company for the first time. Some of the things to look for include recommendation by customers on Yelp, and rating on Better Business Bureau. A good reputation will ensure that you work with a company that will make your office livable during the process and leaving it spic and span afterward.

Bottom line

You don’t have to struggle with the mess after a construction project. A professional cleaning company will come over and handle post-construction for your business quickly, safely, and effectively.

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