Most distributors go through all four phases of a MLM business without ever realizing it. This is an explanation of the 4 phases so you can know what to look for. After all, knowing is half the battle.
Phase One (Building Mode) -This is the phase you want to stay in, because this is where you are the most productive.
You are focused on doing the things that produce results, such as prospecting and making phone calls. These actions lead to the income producing results in your business. You also have a strong mindset and a positive attitude, because you are engulfed in personal development.
You want to stay in phase one and avoid slipping into phase two.
Phase Two (Management Mode) - In this phase you get comfortable with your results and you start telling your team how to do the business so that they can get similar results.
You are leading with your words, and not with your actions. You are not actively building your business. You are in management mode.
Phase Three (Complaining Mode) - You are complaining about the company, the products, the business, and anything else that you can find a problem with.
Your attitude is becoming more and more negative and pessimistic every day. You blame your lack of results on any and every thing else, and refuse to take responsibility.
Phase Four (Phased Out) - I think you know what this means. You quit and say it does not work. This is not true however, because there are many successful people in your business.
What phase are you in? It is easy to get back into phase one if you are at any of the other stages. Just start doing the things that produce results.
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