Persuasion techniques and confidence go hand in hand. If your confidence is low, you won't be able to persuade people. To boost your self-esteem, ask yourself, "What compliment did I receive from people before, that made me more confident?"

Seek within yourself your strong qualities, and develop them. What good things do people say about you? Model someone who has successfully persuaded you in the past, and improve on their strategy.

Go down to memory lane and remember the times you have successfully persuaded, convinced, influenced or motivated someone. Here are some things to consider:

1) What did you do to convince your crush to be your girlfriend (or boyfriend)?
2) What did you do to persuade your boss to agree to your request?
3) What did you do to motivate someone to perform better?
4) How did you negotiate with your parents to get a larger allowance?

You may not be aware of it, but there are countless times that you have successfully persuaded people. You may just not be aware that you're using persuasion techniques in those cases.

Write down those instances and think of how you may apply them in your current situation or future use. Find ways in which you can apply persuasion in your everyday life. Here are 4 ways to become a highly confident persuader:

Persuasion Technique # 1: Be unwavering and resolute in your purpose.

You've got to stand by your objective and never let other people forcefully persuade you into agreeing with them. However, this doesn't mean you remain stiff and inflexible if new data or proof has been presented.

Even if you still don't like their idea, at least appear to consider their opinion in your decision. This shows respect and humility. Say something like, "You got a good point there. I'll certainly take that into consideration."

Persuasion Technique # 2: You also have to be passionate with your words and body language.

When you show enthusiasm, people are more likely to be influenced because you make it seem like you're so sure about your idea.

Sometimes they will just stay silent when you're talking to them. This will make you feel uncomfortable and might sway you to just give up with your efforts. In this case...

Persuasion Technique # 3: Never be discouraged.

Prepare your message well and stay focused on your target. When you're requesting something and they stay silent, don't just go away unsatisfied. When they want you to do something and they stay quiet after you've told them you can't do it, make a stand! Stick by your decision.

Explain to them the valid reasons why you want or don't want to do something. If they stayed silent to make you feel uncomfortable, don't just agree with what they want. Keep your cool. Talk to them again and tell them that your decision is final.

If they frown, fold their arms, take a deep breath, or shake their heads, apply the same procedure. Be confident while communicating and stay unaffected by their distracting moves or actions.

What if they told you that they remembered the discussion to be different? Isn't it frustrating to have agreed on something and they suddenly said that they heard it in a different perspective?

You can kindly ask them to prove it. You can ask when, how, or where it was said. If they cannot maintain constancy of data and accuracy in their statements, then you've got a winning case.

Persuasion Technique # 4: Get as much space as you can to be perceived as confident.

Spread your arms and legs in a graceful manner. You will be conceived as an authority in command.

However, exuding confidence doesn't mean you show the world how great you are or boast about your "achievements." The truth is, insecure - not confident - people do that to make up for their lack of ability or empty feeling. Besides, we hate arrogant people.

Maintain your confidence at all times, and your persuasion techniques will bring powerful results.

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