A lot of business owners ask- What makes a sound business security set-up?

It is a combination of new-gen technologies with proficiently trained static/mobile security guards or something much more?

Truth be told, to determine what makes up a well-rounded commercial security system is tough! Mostly because every business facility is different and comes across different scenarios every day!

Still, if one were to explain a sound commercial security set up, the closest result would be to adopt the “Four Pillars of Commercial Security.”

  • Video Monitoring
  • Experienced Security Guards Stationed At Key Areas
  • Fire Detection System With Fire Watch Security:
  • Access Control

Digging Deeper Into Each Pillar:

1. Video Monitoring:

A poorly operated live feed monitoring system is never a good sign. One needs to have continuous property monitoring against possible trespassing, burglary and even vandalism.

Video monitoring triggers the alarm whenever its analytic/hardware sensor comes across any malicious activity.

Appreciative Perks:

  • Interactive monitoring
  • Crime deterrent and instant alerts
  • Programmed to alert authorities automatically.
  • Presents ample evidence for authorities to identify the wrong-doers

2. Experienced Security Guards Stationed At Key Areas:

The next key aspect to having a sound commercial security set-up is appointing experienced security guards and stationing them at key areas. Having these guards will serve as an adequate crime deterrent against possible break-ins, robbery and even property loss.

Appreciative Perks:

  • Performing routine patrolling to create the right sense of security for the business.
  • Keeping an active eye on every nook-and-cranny prone to outside invasion and robbery. And on finding any suspicious activity, these security guards will provide timely alarm response and perform their investigation accordingly.
  • Stationing at the opening and closing of the commercial property as requested by their clients.

3. Fire Detection Solutions With Fire Watch Security:

Security risks don’t just take place outside. Statistics prove that the worse form of invasion happen from the inside- either from a worker, a trainer or even a practitioner who steals valuables or leaks valuable information to the outsiders. With that, fire is another unexpected disaster known to cause issues- even life-ending accidents!

However, this security risk can be averted by implementing a sound fire detection system along with quality and well-trained fire watch securityguards. Consult with a quality commercial security provider in Toronto and arrange for round the clock fire watch security solutions.

With 24*7 fire monitoring of the fire detection system and tests to see if it is compliant- these agencies will deliver quick responses on immediate detection.

4.Access Control:

The last pillar of a sound commercial security set-up is access control. This is another worthy option to reinforce security in those sensitive areas from theft, breach or crucial data and safety of the workers.

Simply put, with access control; one has more control over the well-being of their assets, employees and facility.

Appreciative Perks:

  • Apt for deterring criminals at building premises, access ramps, entry/exit points, elevators, stairways, closets, workstations and networking rooms, parking garages, and even tarmacs.
  • The facility employees can use this security control feature for tracking attendance and their time, allowing authorised credentials pin code readers, biometric reader, proximity reader and more!
  • Allowing ample scope to enjoy cloud access on a cloud-hosted server providing complete IT support, automatic updates and routine data back-ups.

Ready To Upgrade Your Commercial Security?

Now that these details are explained lucidly contact a licensed and reputed security service provider offering fire watch, access control video monitoring in Toronto along with other security solutions. Also, request for their service quote.

Top security providers believe in being completely transparent with their clients. And they will be more than willing to answer every question.

Author's Bio: 

The author...works in a specialised team at a notable commercial security provider in Toronto. The author is also a writer and explains the readers with articles/blogs on fire watch security, control video monitoring in Toronto along with many other security solutions.